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Zulema Arroyo Farley: “I felt trapped in the body of a 90-year-old woman”

Little is missing for the Puerto Rican Zulema Arroyo Farleywho is known as “the Latin medium”, to reach half a century of life and at this stage is grateful to be living her life purpose and finally being who she hid being.

And it is that after revealing that he has the gift of mediumship in 2018, he enjoys being able to touch the lives of people who have that need to keep those links alive with people who were very dear to them on earth.

“Keeping such a big secret, including from my family, my friends, with whom I grew up here in Puerto Rico, even in my professional career as an advertising and marketing executive, nobody knew anything at all. I feel proud that at almost 50 I am doing what I love, what I always should have done and what I always should have been. I am fascinated by carrying the message of mediumship, I am fascinated by educating about the world of spirits. I love being able to bring validation, understanding, closure, peace of mind and body to people, helping them with their health. So how can I not feel good? I am doing well and I am doing good for the greatest number of people,” said the Mayagüez psychic medium, who arrived in Puerto Rico several days ago to conduct private consultations as a medium.

While clarifying that all people are psychics by nature, having the ability to perceive, feel, intuit, sense and even make predictions, Zulema explains that “all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.” Precisely, its function is beyond a psychic, since it has the ability to connect with someone who has passed away.

“Nobody likes to die and nobody likes when someone they love dies, because we have never been educated to see death in a positive way. When we die what dies is the body, the matter. Our spirit is transformed into a spiritual one. We live eternally on the other side and that bond of love that we have with that person here on the physical plane is not cut off because the person passes to the spiritual side. It doesn’t matter how long ago the person died”, emphasized the author of the book “Muchísimo más”, who inherited being a medium from her paternal grandmother.

“All mediums are born mediums, we inherit it. She comes from a lineage, from a family of mediums”, she added while emphasizing that she tries to practice this gift in a safe way to protect herself, since it raises her vibration to be able to connect with the spiritual side.

His visit to Puerto Rico has several purposes, among them announcing that as of 2023 he will no longer be doing readings as a medium, as he has been for the past two years, but he clarifies that this does not mean that he will distance himself from people. On the contrary, he explains that he will stop doing it to dedicate himself to holding massive meetings in which all people can benefit. This new project will begin in September of this year, with Mexico as the starting point and with a view to presenting itself in Puerto Rico in 2023.

Raise awareness about the so-called breast implant disease

Now also, Arroyo Farley uses her voice to raise awareness about the so-called breast implant illness (BII), which, although it does not have an official diagnosis due to the fact that there is still little scientific evidence that endorse, yes it is under the magnifying glass of the experts.

As has happened with some public figures, such as the Mexican actress and presenter Alejandra Espinoza, the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2012, Vanessa De Roide; the Puerto Rican actress and television presenter Giselle Blondet, and the former beauty queen Brenda Robles, the psychic medium made the decision to remove the implants in July of last year to improve some health conditions.

A month later, she says, her life changed and now she adds to her mission to raise awareness about the health risks that could arise from having breast implants. Through her social networks, Arroyo Farley details about the dozens of symptoms that are associated with BII.

“The stories of women who have been explanted are incredible and my life has changed. I said that I was a very young and attractive woman, trapped in the body of a sickly 90-year-old woman. Today I feel 25 and I am going to be 50. The explantation has reduced my inflammation, I have healed; it takes two years to completely detoxify the body of all these toxins. It is a process and thank God I have been in this process for a year. What I am seeing makes me very happy, ”said the woman, who began to notice favorable changes in her body three days after having the operation.

Arroyo Farley mentions that the fact that public figures have expressed themselves regarding the issue and the press coverage, change and progress have been achieved within the authorities that regulate health. “At the end of the day what we want is for there to be a drastic change in the industry,” said the so-called “Latin medium”, whose first set of saline water implants was at age 30, a second set of saline water implants at 35 and a third set of silicone implants at 40.

“It has been a process where sometimes there are ups and downs. I used to take almost 30 medications and today I only take two that are for the thyroid, in addition to having chronic rheumatoid arthritis, they give me an infusion every 28 days. My biggest goal is to be in remission for my rheumatoid arthritis by the next year and not have to have that treatment. It has also been a drastic change in my behavior, in feeling that I don’t have that mental fog that I had, I can go to the gym and even sweat, something that didn’t happen before,” said the cancer survivor.

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