Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Zouma pleads guilty to mistreating his cats

Kurt Zumasoccer player West Ham Unitedpleaded guilty Tuesday to mistreating his cats, which he hit and kicked last January.

The French player pleaded guilty at the Thames court in the French capital, where he faces three charges for causing damage to his animals and for preventing them from suffering damage, after the footballer was recorded by his brother, Yoan, mistreating his cats.

This happened last January, when Zouma appeared in a video kicking his cats and chasing them with a slipper to hit them. The UK animal shelter took him out of custody and continues to care for the cats to this day.

Yoan, Zouma’s brother, is also facing two charges for doing nothing to prevent the mistreatment of cats and for instigating the player to do so.

Zouma was suspended by West Ham with 250,000 pounds of fines (300,000 euros) in January and was several games without playing, although his coach, David Moyes, confirmed that he would not receive punishment in the form of suspension.

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