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Youth lynched after alleged sabotage attempt at Golden Temple

Youth arrested for allegedly attempting sacrilege in Golden Temple, later died


Golden Temple alleged Sacrilege Attempt: A youth was lynched to death after an alleged sacrilege attempt at the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. In the famous Golden Temple in Punjab’s city of Amritsar (AMRITSAR), an unidentified person tried to enter the Golden Temple by climbing the railing. This incident happened while the lesson was going on. That person tried to lift the sword placed in front of Guru Granth Sahib. But the SGPC sevadars immediately caught him inside the Golden Temple. Police was informed about this.


Members of the Sikh Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee say that the youth clearly attempted sacrilege. The whole incident was also caught on camera. At the same time, according to reports, the body of the young man has been taken to the hospital. The police are involved in the investigation of the matter. Police have also confirmed this incident. Parminder Singh Bhandal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Amritsar, Punjab, said that during the evening prayers, the man jumped the wall and tried to move towards the holy place. At that time the sangat was busy in prayer and people were sitting with their heads bowed.

He said, the age of the accused youth is said to be between 20 and 25 years and he had tied a yellow cloth on his head. But the alert servicemen caught him inside and brought him outside the corridor. During that there was a fight and the person died. Bhandal says that the accused youth was alone and detailed information is being obtained by scanning the CCTV footage.

Nearby cameras are also being investigated. Police teams have been alerted. The post-mortem of the accused youth will be done tomorrow. Information about the residence and other things of the accused youth is being done.


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