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“You’re right,” Javier Milei’s ironic response after Eduardo Eurnekian treated him as a “failed employee”

The presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Mileihe responded ironically to his former employer, Eduardo Eurnekian, who this Wednesday stated: “I have 3,700 people who work for the company. One failed, what do you want me to do?” The liberal deputy, when consulted by the press, about the comment stated: “Is right“.

At 2:30 p.m., when he left a meeting with businessmen, Mieli was asked about his former employer’s statements and laughed out loud. After stating that Eurnekian is right, he noted: “I think it’s a funny joke.”

Four days before the runoff against Sergio Massa, he spoke to businessmen at the Alvear Hotel in the City of Buenos Aires, where Eurnekian also attended.

It was a meeting organized by Inter-American Commerce and Production (Cicyp), where Milei will speak this afternoon in front of the main businessmen of the industry and the agricultural sector of Argentina.

It was not the first crossing between the economist and the businessman. After Milei criticized Pope Francis, Eurnekian came out to speak publicly “His opinions are totally out of place; (Milei) is not up to the task of judging the Pope, nor of giving an opinion, nor of giving a guideline as to what the Pope’s opinions are. attitudes that the Pope should assume, under no circumstances,” Eurnekian told Radio Profile.

Unlike this Wednesday’s comment, in that interview Eurnekian praised Milei: “He is a person who fulfilled his daily tasks; his bosses evaluated him very well and said that he is suitable. But from there to say those opinions about the Pope. …”.


The businessman spoke about the economist, who worked as his advisor for several years.

But when the chances of Milei becoming president grew, Eurnekian said: “Let him calm down, Argentina does not need a dictator, we are not in a position to put up with another dictator.”

What Milei said to the businessmen, beyond the crossing with Eurnekian

“I want to point out that we are facing the most important election of the last 100 years,” Milei said before the business community and highlighted that Argentina ended the 19th century and started the 20th being the “richest country in the world.”

“It competed on par with the United States, it was a land of opportunities, it was a kind of paradise on the planet,” Milei remarked.

The libertarian started speaking after 1:30 p.m. at the Alvear Hotel, on Alvear Avenue 1891, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro, while Sergio Massa will do so tomorrow.

Beyond the talk before businessmen, this afternoon Milei will be in Ezeiza to continue with his electoral campaign, baptized “Freedom Tour”, with a view to the runoff next Sunday and before the closing in Córdoba

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