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Young Colombian assures that she is expecting a baby from Anuel AA

In the midst of the romance of urban exponents Anuel AA and yailin, a new controversy arose. The relationship has been marked by suspicions, the ghost of the ragpicker’s ex, Carol G, and a rushed marriage proposal, for some netizens.

The couple is again the object of criticism, since they met that a Colombian would be expecting a baby from the rapper. I would be six months pregnant, okay with what was revealed by the American television program “El Gordo y la Flaca”.

What is known about the woman?

It would be about Melissa Vallecilla, 28 years oldwho met the singer a couple of months ago at a private party in Houston, United States, in which an album by the singer Drake was released.

As the aforementioned program reviews, the Colombian, resident in that country, would have attended the meeting and had the first approach with the Puerto Rican. Then new meetings would come in Miami and a long-distance relationship.

Vallecilla became pregnant and would have told the rapper the news. “According to a source, Anuel would have taken it in a good way”, specified the program of the ‘Univisión’ network.

To be sure that he was the father of the baby on the way, the couple underwent tests that, according to “El Gordo y la Flaca”, confirmed paternity.

“Anuel told him that he would recognize the baby and that he would have all his support, but everything changed when Anuel met Yailin,” the program revealed. From that moment on, the Colombian would have lost all kinds of communication with the 29-year-old artist.

The woman did not give statements in an interview with the American channel, so no further details of her accusations are known. Of course, as she would have said, she hopes that the interpreter of “Dictatorship” or ‘Legend’ communicates with her and vouches for her supposed son.

For his part, Anuel has not expressed himself publicly about it.

They allege he does not respond to his son

In the last few hours, the reggaeton’s ex-sisters-in-law attacked him for allegedly leaving his son Pablo and his ex-wife Astrid Cuevas homeless.

“Remember that everything that goes up also goes down (…). You took them out on the street. Do not worry that she is not alone, “wrote @ natsh.sp, who would be one of the artist’s ex-sisters-in-law, through her Instagram account.

Nicole Cuevas even stated that her nephew Pablo only receives one call a month from Anuel. “Despite the fact that you have failed her 1000 times, my sister has made sure that she does not lower you from the pedestal that she has you on. He is a child, he is not your fan, because that’s how you see it, ”she commented.

Astrid Cuevas did not refer to what her sisters denounced, but she did leave a message on her social networks that several Internet users related to the situation: “Whoever acts evil must wish him luck, sooner or later he will need it.”

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