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You will not even realize that while jogging and running you make these mistakes and then you regret, leave today

Jogging And Running Mistakes: Small mistakes can cause harm during jogging or running.

There are many people who neither go to the gym nor exercise, but when it comes to running, they get up in the morning and go out for a run. If you also want to start jogging or running, then it is very important for you to know some things. Actually, small mistakes can cause harm during jogging or running. So if you have been thinking about running or jogging for a long time, then today we are going to tell you the special things that you should take special care of during this time.

Do not make these mistakes while running and jogging. Do Not Make These Mistakes While Running And Jogging

1. Choose the Right Shoes

Shoes are the most important thing for running, so before running, check your shoes thoroughly. After wearing any shoe, notice that wearing it has not started causing pain in your feet, joint pain, shoulder pain or hip pain. If you choose the right shoes, then you will be able to do long running or jogging without pain.

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2. reduce the use of ankles while running

While running or jogging, take special care that The pressure of the heels on the ground should not be too much. Giving more pressure on the ankles increases the pressure on the body. This mistake is running and jogging Usually everyone does during. But let us tell you that this mistake can be heavy for you. Actually, this can cause joint pain, apart from this, bones can also get injured.

3. Create Easy Targets

Do not get too excited while starting running. Many times people think of running longer due to more enthusiasm, but keep in mind that instead of competing with someone else, one should always compete with themselves. If you are new to running, then decide to run only up to 2 kilometers at a time. If you think that you will run 5 kilometers in one go, then it will only cause disappointment for you. Gradually increase your target over time.

4. Don’t run too fast

People who are new to running and jogging should not run too fast. By doing this, they will get tired very quickly and will not be able to run very far. Apart from this, they will start finding running a tough task and they will start avoiding doing it. So do jogging in the beginning and slowly start running with practice.

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5. Do not run on an empty stomach

While running or jogging, take special care that you go out for running only after eating something. Running on an empty stomach will do more harm than good. Apart from this, if the stomach is empty, then there will be no energy to run. However, do not eat anything heavy before running. Leave the house only after intake of fruits, nuts or some protein.

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