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You will forget to use shampoo, if you wash your hair with buttermilk once, hair fall will reduce, even white hair will turn black… know how to use it.

Buttermilk is beneficial for skin and hair, you can use it like this.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall: When it comes to making hair soft, grandmother always has some home remedy for this problem. In today’s time, even though hair care products ( There may be no dearth of Hair Care Products) but the truth is that these home remedies are very useful. If you too are struggling with hair related problems then turn to your kitchen. There are many things present here, which help in making your hair thick, black, soft and strong. Some things can even replace your shampoo. Apart from removing dandruff from hair, you can get many other benefits from curd.

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If you are also troubled by white hair and fast hair fall, then this home remedy can really help you. So let’s go ahead without delay and know how buttermilk can make your hair strong and black.

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One such remedy is the use of buttermilk for hair. The liquid remaining after churning the curd and removing the ghee is called buttermilk. It is a treasure trove of protein, fat and lactic acid. Buttermilk is very beneficial for hair (Benefits of Buttermilk for hair). Let us know how to use buttermilk to strengthen hair…

use it like this

Lightly wet the hair and now massage the scalp with buttermilk with the help of fingers. Apply buttermilk from root to tip of hair also.

Focus on the roots of the hair and those places where the problem of oiliness is more. Massage the scalp well for a few minutes. With this, buttermilk will work well on the hair roots and blood circulation will increase.

After massage, leave the buttermilk on the hair for ten to fifteen minutes. You can use shower cap. After that clean the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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Is buttermilk beneficial for everyone?

Even though buttermilk is very beneficial, it does not necessarily suit your hair. Patch test should be done before using buttermilk. Those who are lactose allergic should not use it.

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