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“Yes, Pakistan was great when you were not PM”: Ex-wife Reham Khan hits out at Imran Khan

Reham Khan has been targeting Imran in the past for his style of governance.


Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan (Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan) today targeted her former husband fiercely. Reham said that the people of the country should stand together and concentrate on cleaning the mess done by Imran. Imran came to power in 2018 with the promise of creating a ‘Naya Pakistan’, but he failed to address the basic problem like rising prices of essential commodities, which has given the opposition a chance to dominate him. The wife tweeted, ‘Imran is history!! I think we should stand together and focus on cleaning up the mess that Naya Pakistan has left behind.


He said that Imran Khan does not have intelligence and ability because the PM of Pakistan in his address to the country said that by the grace of God I have everything, I do not need anything because he has achieved everything in life. Gone – fame, wealth etc. Reham, however, agreed with Imran that when he (Imran) was a child, Pakistan was reaching the top. Criticizing Imran’s speech, Reham said in a tweet, ‘Yes, Pakistan was great when you were not the PM.’

Significantly, in his address to the nation on Thursday night, Imran Khan refused to resign and said – I will play till the last hair. He had said, ‘Someone asked me to resign. I have played cricket for 20 years and I will play till the last ball. I have never given up in life. You will see that I will emerge stronger after the vote (voting on the no-confidence motion), whatever the outcome of the voting, Imran said in his speech yesterday, referring to Pakistan’s golden past, ‘When I was a child I remember that Pakistan is reaching the top. South Korea came to Pakistan to learn how we proceeded, the Malaysian prince attended school with me. Middle East countries used to come to our universities. I have seen all this coming to an end, I have seen my country being insulted. Let me tell you, Reham has been targeting Imran in the past for his style of governance.

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