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WWDC 2023, LIVE: Apple presents its first mixed reality glasses

The event, focused on the iOS operating system, includes this year the launch of “Reality Pro”, one of the most anticipated devices.

The tech world holds its breath at the keynote presentation at the global developers conference for Manzana, WWDC 2023, which the company itself describes in its invitation to the press as a “special event”. The call, which every year serves to present the novelties of the operating systems of the Apple ecosystem, arrives on this opportunity densely charged.

Although WWDC is not usually a date with announcements of new products, everything indicates that 2023 will be remembered for years for the birth of a device and a new category: that of some “mixed reality” glasses of which even a name has leaked, Reality Pro.

Apple WWDC 2023: schedule and how to watch live

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. (Photo: AFP)

Apple’s presentation is held this year, like the previous one, inside its main headquarters in Cupertino, the Apple Parka gigantic glass-enclosed ring-shaped building in California.

The event will begin at 2:00 p.m. in Argentina (10 am local time) and can be followed live on the Apple events website, on its YouTube channel and in the Apple TV app.

WWDC 2023: what is known about Apple Reality Pro, the new VR device

Possible appearance of the new glasses, according to leaks.  (Illustrative image)

Possible appearance of the new glasses, according to leaks. (Illustrative image)

Everything indicates that Apple will present some extended reality glasses that will provide new uses for apps, video calls, productivity, video games, movies, music and education among other functions.

Possibly there are not many people capable of understanding this new product at this time, nor how they could integrate it into their lives, but if Apple has historically known how to do something, it is precisely to give the public what they wanted (even if they did not even know that it was among their wishes or needs).

On the company’s success list are many devices that have served as a reference for the rest of the industry and have marked the way forward: the Macintosh, the iMac, the iPod, the iphonethe iPad, the Apple Watch are some of them.

Apple’s headset isn’t the first to offer extended reality, a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality. Other manufacturers, such as Meta, Oppo, TCL and Lenovo, already have devices on the market, but this technology has not caught on yet.

Will Apple manage to lead this category and propagate it? The challenge is not easy. The technical complexity of the new gadget and its foreseeable high cost may make it an item only available to minorities or a professional audience, but the company that leads Tim Cook It performs easily in the league of products that everyone aspires to have.

Some of the features that have been leaked from the viewfinder is that it is a device similar to some ski goggles, with two screens, one for each eye, which will offer the best image reproduction technology, Micro LED, and with a very high resolution (4K, the same as big screen televisions) for its small size, which will mean pixels can be distinguished. Its brightness will reach very high peaks, of 5,000 nits.

Apple Park, the headquarters of the apple company.

Apple Park, the headquarters of the apple company.

It would be a complex product to manufacture, with various exterior and interior cameras, and with an unusual curved base plate. All this augurs a price that could exceed $3,000.

15 years ago Apple registered its first patent on augmented reality glasses. Since then, he has recorded many more. It’s a technology that Cook passionately believes in. “One day we will look back and we will not understand how we have lived without her.. Like many things nowadays. Can you imagine living your life without swiping through the photos and without pinching to enlarge them? Or not have internet or maps?” observed the manager in an interview with The vanguard last september.

On the other hand, it is known that the largest load of news from a WWDC are the operating system news of each strip of products, with a marathon of explanations that are usually carried out by its vice president Craig Federighi.

This time, at the risk of it being a very long presentation – more than two hours, he predicts Bloomberg-, this part will not be spared. Some indications also point to the fact that there will be new Macs. The glasses could arrive like the Apple Watch, at the end of an event, with a phrase the company’s co-founder Steve Jobs used to introduce a major surprise: “One more thing.”


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