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Would Chris Evans go out with Shakira? The actor responds to memes that circulate in networks

The recent separation of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué After 12 years of relationship, it has also involved -unbeknownst to them- figures such as henry cavill Y Chris Evans; by the way, the latter spoke about it.

During an interview on the program ‘Despierta América’, while promoting the film ‘Lightyear‘, spin off of the saga of ‘Toy Story’The Marvel actor was asked if he was aware of Shakira’s recent singleness and the “commotion” that some fans caused on social networks.

Chris Evans catching up on the ‘little gossip’

Denying it, the interviewer showed him some of the memes that have circulated on the Internet in recent days; Seeing the images, the actor just laughed; he even joked about the fact that “Superman could beat Captain America”, although he also said that he was not aware of the situation because he does not spend much time on the Internet or on social networks.

Later, they asked him the question that the entire internet was waiting for an answer to: if would it come out or not with the singer of ‘Ojos Así’. “she is spectacular”, Said the actor who plays Captain America at the beginning.

What if he would go out with Shakira? Are you trying to hook me up with her? Answering that would be too much for the camera”, pointed out the 40-year-old actor, who did not say yes, but neither did he say no, so the possibility remained open.

Shakira and Chris Evans, boyfriends?

The possibility of a relationship between Shakira and Chris Evans began to occupy the conversation on social networks before the Colombian artist confirmed her separation from Piqué.

During the days that the rumors grew, Henry Cavill and Chris Evans were involved. Why? It was said that both actors began to follow the interpreter of “Anthology” on Instagram, so Internet users immediately began to sentimentally link the Colombian with the actors who brought Superman and Captain America to life, respectively.

At the beginning it was said that this happened after an infidelity on the part of the footballer, but that version, until now, has not been confirmed.

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