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Worlds 2022, day 2: Isurus Gaming suffered its second defeat in the League of Legends World Cup

The Argentine Shark, Isurus Gamingcould not raise his head this Friday when he played against Saigon Buffalo his second match of the Play-In phase of the World Cup League of Legends Worlds 2022.

After the false step that was the defeat against the Spanish Mad Lions, Isurus Gaming faced the World Cup challenge against one of the rivals he had to beat to reclaim ground towards the dream of reaching the group stage of the LoL Worlds.

Worlds 2022: how was the match between Isurus and Saigon Buffalo

The third match of Day 2 of Worlds 2022 competition was fearless from start to finish. Isurus Gaming and Saigon Buffalo went to battle almost immediately, as they began walking Summoner’s Rift with their champions: before five minutes the first murders arrived.

In fact, first blood went to the vietnamese with Gavotto’s death, but Jelly immediately answered. Seiya did the same in Summoner’s Rift mid lane, bringing the Latin American representatives to the front. Shogun He answered against Jelly, at 4 minutes, and put the deaths on each side equal.

The first unevenness in the result came from Grell and ADD that put Isurus ahead before six minutes, in a teamfight near the towerthese structures from the League of Legends game that grant vision of the area, help control territory and do a lot of damage if they detect an enemy nearby.

Nevertheless, the result was changeable before ten minutes: the deaths were distributed equally with a Shogun who showed his face at every moment and made Isurus pay for his aggressive attitude. Thus, the Vietnamese team drew a slight edge in kills (6) and gold (19,900)a key item in the game to acquire items that provide champions with additional abilities.

As the game progressed, Isurus and Saigon Buffalo gave each other no respite or advantages. The Vietnamese managed to destroy three towers, one of them at the top, while the Shark struggled to regain control in the central alley of the map. His first turret only arrived at 20 minutes.

The aggressiveness that the Asians handled caused them to provoke, first, four murders and a couple of subsequent actions directly the extermination of the five Isurus Gaming players. At the time, at 26 minutes, Saigon Buffalo led in kills (19-10) and gold (54,200 vs. 43,600). The superiority was conspicuous.

Grell, a player for isurus Gaming, was visibly shaken after the loss to Saigon Buffalo. Photo: Riot Games.

That way of playing the Vietnamese led him to clearly outplay Isurus, while pushing him into his own Nexus. About 28 minutes came the Pentakill -when a single player eliminates all opposing rivals- and the defeat of the Argentine team.

Now, Saigon Buffalo added its second celebration after its triumphs against the Turks of Istanbul Wildcats and Isurus Gaminga result so far similar to Mad Lions.

For its part, the quintet made up of Seiya (Edgar Ali Bracamontes Munguia), Grell (Jesus Loya), Gavotto (Omar André Gavotto Félix) plus the Koreans ADD (Kang Geon-mo) and jelly (Son Ho-gyeong) failed to get his first win to equal at least the record of LOUD (Brazil), DetonatioN FocusMe (Japan), Evil Geniuses (North America), and DRX (South Korea).

Facundo “Kala” Calabró, CEO of Isurus Gaming, had made it clear in the preview that against Saigon Buffalo was the game to win, as he told Clarion.

Once the defeat and Far from losing faith in the team, he shared a hopeful message on his Twitter account: “With balls you keep going, tomorrow we have two lrpm games!!! Lets go for everything. Thank you for all the support to the fans!!!”

Looking ahead, Isurus’ manager, Markus “Ukkyr” Leuemberger, referred to the team’s aspirations ahead: “There are 3 games left, if we win two we force a tiebreak and go to a BO 5 and we qualify directly; if we win 3 games we pass third. It’s like mathematically the classification is in our hands. All will be lost when mathematically we are totally out”, he assured Clarion.

FNATIC, the candidate, does not stop winning

Elijah "Upset" Lipp happy for FNATIC's presence at Worlds 2022.

Elias “Upset” Lipp, happy for the presence of FNATIC in Worlds 2022.

Regarding the high table of this Play-In, only two teams achieved victories in their two participations. The Europeans of mad lions Y fnaticwho had to play their games against Beyond Gaming and Chiefs Esports Club in an isolation room due to the Covid-19 protocol.

Precisely, FNATIC opened the first day of Friday with victory over DetonatioN FocusMethe Japan representative who won the domestic League of Legends Japan League (LJL) title the most times.

FNATIC won all three of their Worlds 2022 Play-in matches. Photo: Riot Games.

FNATIC won all three of their Worlds 2022 Play-in matches. Photo: Riot Games.

In the previous one, a tight series with a reserved prognosis was expected, since both teams they have experienced players. However, the Japanese lack the competitive level of top regions like South Korea, China or even Europe.

When DFM seemed to be taking the win, the player humanoid brought up his experience on Summoner’s Rift. Thus he ended up tipping the scales in favor of FNATIC in just 32 minutes of play.

Who is Saigon Buffalo, the rival of Isurus Gaming

Saigon Buffalo, Isurus Gaming's second rival at Worlds 2022. Photo: Riot Games.

Saigon Buffalo, Isurus Gaming’s second rival at Worlds 2022. Photo: Riot Games.

The Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) region qualifier must have suffered in the weeks prior to traveling to Mexico, as several of the Vietnamese team players they had problems with their visas, especially, to enter the United States. A complication that questioned the participation of most of its players in Worlds 2022.

With the documents of the players Ren and Froggy in order, Saigon Buffalo was able to leave for Aztec lands to compete for the first time in a LoL World Cup, a place he used to occupy PSG Heel as a representative of Southeast Asia.

Worlds 2022 Play-In: Day 2 Match Schedule

17.00 fnatic 1 vs. Detonation FocusMe 0.

18.00 ⁠Evil Geniuses 1 vs. ⁠LOUD 0.

19.00 Saigon Buffalo 1 vs. Isurus Gaming 0.

20.00 Detonation FocusMe 1 vs. ⁠Chiefs Esports Club 0.

21.00 ⁠Evil Geniuses 1 vs. ⁠Beyond Gaming 0.

22.00 XRD vs. Saigon Buffalo.

23.00 ⁠MAD Lions vs. ⁠Royal Never Give Up.

23.59 Istanbul Wildcats vs. ⁠XRD.

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