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Worldcoin: Argentina broke records and about 10 thousand people scanned their irises for 50 dollars

Nails 10 thousand people scanned their iris in four cities in Argentina to give your personal data to Worldcoin, the company of Sam Altman, founder of ChatGPT, which offers $50 in cryptocurrency for the transaction. The application is among the most downloaded in the country.

Worldcoin is a crypto company that seeks to expand people’s participation and access to the global economy. Your intention is to deliver 20 of your tokens to any user who provides biometric data and confirms their unique identity.

The project has more thane 2.2 million users in beta and this week it was officially launched. The new WLD cryptocurrency is now available. Those registered can already receive these tokens and exchange them.

Its purpose is to grant a single universal income in cryptocurrencies. What is striking is that anyone can benefit from this action, including those who lose their job due to AI.

What is the data capture process like?

Worldcoin, a controversial phenomenon

Verification that one is human is managed through what the company calls The Orb, a ball-sized metal ball that scans the iris of the person in question.

These devices are already spread in 20 different countries, among which is Argentina. It is considered one of the most striking crypto and digital identity projects in recent times.

Altman’s idea arises from his concern about the consequences that artificial intelligence may have on the development of society, which is still curious, given that he is one of the main drivers of this revolution from the company he founded. , Open AI.

“After visiting an Orb, you will receive a global ID. This allows you to prove that you are a real, unique person online while remaining completely private. As the global distribution of Orbs increases, you can find the closest one and set aside time to verify it with World App and on“Sam Altman’s company wrote about it.

Biometrics are increasingly used in various fields, from security to healthcare, thanks to their ability to provide unique and verifiable identification. In the case of Worldcoin, by giving the company iris biometrics, users are getting rid of one of the existing types more secure biometric identification to avoid possible fraud.

The idea of ​​handing over this type of information to a private company raises serious questions about privacy and security, as well as putting stress on existing legal systems due to lack of normative regulation.

Biometric data is inherently personal and, once compromised, cannot be changed like a password or credit card number.

At the beginning of August, the National Government opened an investigation into Worldcoin, through the Agency for Access to Public Information (AAIP).

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