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World breastfeeding week 2023: How breast milk is made, know what is the complete process of lactation

World breastfeeding week 2023: Mother’s milk is a complete diet for every child.

World breastfeeding week 2023: Being a mother is a pleasant feeling in the world. Newborns are able to fight against all kinds of diseases only by drinking their mother’s milk. Mother’s milk is not only a complete diet for every child, but the many nutritional elements present in it make the child strong for the future. Along with this, it is very beneficial for the mother as well, but this question also arises again and again in the mind that where does the mother’s milk come from. Let us know how milk is made in the mother’s body and what is the process of lactation.

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Why and how milk is made in the breast (How and when human milk produced)

Milk comes from inside the mammary glands present inside the breast in the body. There are many parts in these glands that work together to make milk. Actually there are many types of cells inside the breast which are made like clusters. These are called alveoli. Mother’s milk is made inside these cluster cells. When milk is made, it enters the milk products present in the breast through the alveoli and comes out through these. When the newborn needs mother’s milk, prolactin and oxytocin hormones are released in the mother’s brain, through which signals are sent to the brain and after this, milk production starts in the alveoli after prolactin hormone is released.

Process of lactation

Lactation means the process of making milk starts from a mother’s body when her child needs milk. The main purpose of lactation is to feed the baby. It is a biological and hormonal response that starts naturally in the mother’s body after delivery to meet the needs of the new born baby. When the child is hungry, it triggers the process of lactation in the mother’s body. Lactation is a normal process in all mammals.

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