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World Brain Day 2023: Know how to keep the brain active, keep these things in mind, healthy brain will remain

Know how to keep the brain active.

World Brain Day 2023: World Brain Day (World Brain Day 2023) is celebrated worldwide on 22 July to increase awareness of brain health. The World Federation of Neurology was established in the year 1957 on 22nd July. In 2013, a proposal was made by the Federation to celebrate World Brain Day on 22 July. For the first time in the year 2014, World Brain Day was celebrated on 22 July. Brain is the most important part of the human body. Along with controlling all the work done in the body, it is responsible for important functions like thinking, decision making, remembering and thinking. Let us know how to keep the brain active and alive…

What Do Need to Keep Your Brain Active

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It is necessary for the brain to remain active for a long and active life. According to experts, regular exercise, balanced diet, staying away from alcohol and tobacco, keeping stress and anxiety levels low, being socially active and getting regular sleep of seven to eight hours can help in keeping the brain active.

What do need to keep your brain Alive

To keep the brain alert, it needs to be engaged in work. The more work we do with the brain, the more alert it will be. In the elderly, problems related to not being conscious of the brain, such as the habit of forgetting, begin. To avoid such problems, solving puzzles, understanding optical illusion can be useful. Such activities put pressure on the brain to work and remain alert. Mental fitness is useful to save from the state of delusion.

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Take care of brain health like this (Brain exercises)
Indoor games like cards, carrom, chess activate the brain. Similarly music, riddles, dance, solving word puzzles, brain teasers keep the brain active as well as exercise for it.

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