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World Blood Donor Day 2022: How many types of blood groups are there? Know which blood group can give blood to whom

Know this important information related to Blood Groups.

The blood running in our body is made up of eight different blood groups. These are the blood groups – A, B, AB and O positive and negative, on the basis of which it is decided that the blood we will get in a bad time or who can donate the blood we come forward to help someone. or whose blood our body will accept. For this it is necessary to understand that blood is the same for all, then how can its group be different.


What is blood group?

The blood of any person is made up of components like red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma, but all these components do not decide the blood group. The blood group is determined by the antibodies and antigens present in the body. Antibodies are a type of protein found in plasma. Antigens are first activated to prevent any kind of infection in the body.

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Who can give blood to whom?

Four blood groups are divided into positive and negative. While giving blood, it is necessary to know whether the group of both who is being given blood and whose blood is being taken, matches or not. It can be broadly understood as something like this.

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  • O positive blood group can usually give blood to everyone. That’s why they are also called universal donors. People of this blood group can donate their blood to all Rh positive people. But when it comes to taking blood, they can take blood only from their own blood group.
  • People of A positive blood group can give blood to AB positive people in addition to their blood group.
  • If there is A negative blood group then blood can be given to A negative and positive as well as AB negative and positive blood group.
  • B positive people can give blood to both B and AB positive.
  • Those with B negative, B positive, negative and AB positive, negative can give blood to these four groups.
  • O negative blood group can give their blood to all blood groups.
  • If there is an AB positive blood group, then a person can give blood only in the same blood group.
  • Those with AB negative can give blood to both AB negative and positive.

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