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Workout Tips: What 4 things should be kept in mind while jumping rope? Do this exercise in this way, you will get amazing benefits

Workout Tips: Some things to be taken care of while jumping rope

Things To Keep In Mind During Skipping Rope: Skipping means jumping rope is considered very beneficial for health. This is a great aerobic exercise, it affects the whole body. It helps in reducing weight, helps in muscle tone, increases concentration and stamina and reduces the risk of diseases like osteoporosis. Not only this, it also helps in keeping our heart healthy. Skipping for 10 minutes, jogging for 30 minutes, running for 15 minutes and swimming for 12 minutes gives the same benefits. However, some things should be taken care of while jumping rope. Here we are telling about these things.

What are the things to keep in mind while skipping? Things To Keep In Mind While Skipping


1) Do it for 20 minutes

Skipping increases metabolism and bone density. It is helpful in making the feet, knees and ankles strong. Regular skipping increases the coordination between the eyes, hands and feet, but it is a short-frequency exercise, that is, it should be done for a maximum of 20 minutes. Continuous skipping can put excessive pressure on your lower body, which increases the risk of knee injury.

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2) harmonize

Jumping rope is a sport. To do this, it is necessary to maintain coordination between the hands and feet. This requires tuning between your arms and legs. If you are jumping rope for the first time, it will take you some time to learn. It should be done on a padded surface like yoga mat etc. Doing it in concrete, hard or hard places puts unnecessary stress on the body.

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3. Warm Up and Stretching

Like other exercises, it is important to warm up and stretch before you start skipping. Also, stay on the toes while skipping. Some people jump too high from the ground while skipping, which is wrong. In this way, jumping rope causes fatigue quickly and there is a risk of injury. You should not jump higher than an inch or two from the ground.

4. Add Variety to the Pattern

It is very important to be completely fit for skipping. Do not skip if you have knee injury, back pain, muscle strain or any other type of physical problem. If you are bored by jumping rope in the same way, then you can make it interesting by bringing variety in the pattern. For this, you can try double-foot hoops, single-foot hoops, criss-cross etc.

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