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‘Won’t feed laddu peda to government sitting in opposition’: TMC MP Mahua Moitra to NDTV

New Delhi:

During the discussion on the President’s address in Parliament, Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra on Thursday strongly targeted the central government, referring to the farmers’ movement, Pegasus spying and the Dharma Sansad held in Haridwar. After this, while talking to NDTV, he accused the chairman of giving less to speak. He said that there is 12 hours of speaking time in the President’s address. BJP gets 6 hours and we TMC people only 30-35 minutes. Saugata Roy spoke for 20 minutes. I asked for 13 minutes and also said that I will finish the first one. When I had one paragraph left, he cut it. How many times I requested, but the one who was sitting on the chair was saying why I am speaking in anger.


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She said that if I am sitting in the opposition, then I will not feed laddu peda to the government. I was given 13 minutes, so why was it stopped earlier? Trying to change history here. Savarkar is called a country lover and all our people here are anti-nationals. Farmers also became anti-national. crushing them. Till now he (Ajay Mishra) has been kept as a minister. Everyone wants to make their own fiefdom.

He further said that what Sardar Patel had done was banning the RSS. They are calling Patel their own. Subhash Chandra Bose had said Jai Hind, did not say Jai Shri Ram. Subhas Chandra Bose criticized communalism. Hindus and Muslims keep doing this, the name of people like Bhagat Singh looks dirty on their tongue. They are afraid of the future. They fear the republic and parliament. They know that their time is about to end.

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TMC MP said that BJP has so much money even after doing so much. They have grabbed many institutions. Despite this, they could not win more than 50 seats out of 200 seats from Kerala to Bihar. If the opposition works together in the West and the North, then they will end. The case of Pegasus is in court. But when the matter of 2G was in the court, the same BJP people shouted and brought down the government. You will listen to our phone calls and we don’t say anything. Why was the farmer not given MSP? Apologized to the farmer and the minister whose son crushed the farmer is sitting till today. Nothing happens just by wearing a turban. They say that we have given freedom to Muslim women, they can go on Hajj alone, but what happened in January 1 this year, Bulli Bai and what happened to Sulli deals. Completely hollow government.


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