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Women Health: What is the estrogen hormone, what is its effect on the body due to its decrease or increase

Effects Of Estrogen Imbalance- Effects Of Estrogen Imbalance:
1. Irregular or no menstruation.
2. Light or heavy bleeding during menstruation.
3. More severe menstrual or menopausal symptoms.
4. Lumps in breast and uterus.
5. Mood changes and sleep problems.
6. Weight gain, mainly in the hips, thighs and waist.
7. Low sexual desire.
8. Fatigue, depression and anxiety.

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With the increase in estrogen level, symptoms like decreased sex drive, weight gain, irregular periods are seen. On the other hand, when the level decreases, symptoms like weak bones, night sweats, irregular periods, headache, trouble concentrating, fatigue, trouble sleeping, mood changes, irritability and depression, vaginal dryness are seen.

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What is Normal Estrogen Level – What Is A Normal Estrogen Level?
Estrogen levels rise and fall throughout life. Fluctuations are normal For example, it is normal for estrogen levels to rise during puberty and fall as menopause approaches. It is normal for estrogen levels to rise during ovulation so that your body can prepare itself for pregnancy. It is normal for the levels to drop during periods. The problem occurs when the level of estrogen drops or rises too much. Its level is measured by lab test. The test checks the level of estrone (E1), estradiol (E2) or estriol (E3).

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