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Women Health: There is a problem in planning a child, whether there is a cyst in the ovary, know the reason and remedy

The cyst can be cured with an operation, but this is done when it becomes too large, otherwise it can be cured with medicines and under the supervision of a doctor. Women should also take care of their diet and exercise. With this, she can avoid many hormonal problems.

What is Ovary Cyst – What Is Ovary Cyst?

An ovary is a fluid-filled sac whereas a cyst means a lump. Until the cyst or lump takes a large size, there are no symptoms of lump formation in the ovary. This pathological cyst can affect the fertility of the woman, it can affect the process of ovulation in the ovary. Which can make it difficult to become a mother.

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What is Ovarian Reserve- What Is Ovarian Reserve?

The term Ovarian Reserve is used to determine the capacity of the ovaries. Which provides egg cells so that they are capable of fertilization resulting in a healthy and successful pregnancy.

What is Cystectomy – What Is Cystectomy?

Cystectomy is a surgical operation. Laparoscopic cystectomy is considered the standard therapy to provide relief from pain. Given the pathogenic implications of endometrioma and its effect on ovarian reserve, early diagnosis and subsequent treatment can help prevent ovarian damage and preserve ovarian function.

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Endometriotic cyst- Endometriotic cyst:

Endometriosis is a disease in which the uterine cavity is present outside the endometrial tissue. It usually affects the abdominal cavity and can sometimes affect additional abdominal organs such as the lungs.

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