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Woman protested against Russia’s attack during news show, reached the studio with a poster of ‘No War’

Female journalist protested against Russia’s attack on live show


Russia is facing worldwide criticism after its attack on Ukraine. Even the people of Russia are very angry with this action of the government. A similar incident happened on Monday also. When a female employee suddenly walked into the studio carrying a poster during Russia’s most-watched evening news broadcast. The caption of the opposition to the war on this poster was written in the caption No War.


The woman had a poster written in her hand with ‘No War’. Through this poster, the woman was condemning the military action in Ukraine. All this happened during the broadcast of ‘Channel One’ of Russia, which gives special attention to the Russian government’s side on the issue of Ukraine war. This incident happened during a news show called ‘Time’ every night at 9 o’clock.

According to the report, this show has been running since the time of Soviet Union and is watched by millions of people across the country. This show is very popular among Russian people. The woman, who entered the studio carrying a poster of ‘No War’ during the show, has been identified as Marina Ovsiyannikova. This woman works as an editor in Channel One itself. Which is now in a police station.

TASS, citing a law enforcement source, said the woman was detained and could be charged under a law imposing public sanctions aimed at “discrediting the Russian military”. Marina Ovsiyannikova entered the studio just as news anchor Yekaterina Andreeva began to talk about her relationship with Belarus on the show.

During this, the poster in his hand had ‘No War’ written in English. In the same poster it is also written in Russian, ‘Stop the war. It was written below that do not believe the hype. Here they are lying to you. However, Andreeva tries to ignore the woman while speaking out loud. Andreeva has been doing this show since 1998. In the midst of this incident, the channel suddenly starts showing footage of a hospital.

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Before the protest on TV, Marina Ovsiyannikova also posted a video in which she is seen saying that her father is from Ukraine and her mother is from Russia. In the video, she says that she does not see Ukraine as an enemy. Also said- ‘I am ashamed to work for Kremlin propaganda. I am ashamed that I lie on TV.

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