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Witsel, about to sign for Atleti

axel witzela 33-year-old Belgian midfielder, is very close to reaching the Atletico Madrid. According to the Belgian public radio television RTBFexcept for a last minute plot twist, the hitherto player of the Borussia Dortmund will play in Metropolitan.

In recent weeks, it had been rumored that the midfielder’s future was going through Los Angeles Galaxybut it also rang Marseillesand now, according to what they point out from Belgium, they have reached an agreement with the Madrid club. Only the signature is missing to make his transfer to Madrid official at the beginning of next week.

Witsel, whose contract with Borussia Dortmund runs out on June 30thsubmit to the usual medical tests on Mondaywhile the signing will be made official on Tuesday. It will be a one-year contract with an option for one more season.

The sports director of Atlético de Madrid, Andrea Berthalearned this week that the negotiations between Axel Witsel and Olympique de Marseille were already well advanced. Diego Pablo Simeon decided to contact the player to present his Project for the coming season. The footballer was convinced by the words of the Argentine coach.

Witsel wants to play the last years of his career in one of the greats of Europe, qualified for the Champions League and where he knows he will have minutes. Simeone is looking for a player who competes with Kondogbia in the position of 5 and in recent weeks there had been talk of the possibility of signing Carlos Solerbut the Belgian option is much more affordable economically.

At 33, Witsel is about to sign for the sixth club of his career. The midfielder has played for the Liège Standardthe benficathe Zenit Saint Petersburgthe tianjin chinese and the Borussia Dortmund, disputing more than 600 professional matches. In addition, the player enjoys the confidence of Robert MartinezBelgian coach, and hopes to be able to start in the Qatar World Cup.

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