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With the coup plotters, nor to the corner of Formigal

I didn’t hear Alexander White when Laura Vilagrá, counselor of the Presidency of the Generalitat, reduced the role of Aragón to a mere collaboration in some more minority disciplines for the Olympic candidacy. In January the matter was already rotten and the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Aragon expressed its wish that someone, whoever it was, why not the COE itself, put an end to the controversy generated by Vilagra; CEOE then defended that the two communities had to go hand in hand and on an equal footing, but the separatist government insisted on presenting the candidacy for the 2030 Games exclusively and reiterated the idea of ​​subcontracting some facilities to Aragon or other countries. . I did not hear then the Spanish Olympic Committee, nor by the way my admired Pau gasolinemuch less to Franco, that man placed in the Higher Sports Council by Antonio’s monclovita finger.

In April, Javier Lambán demanded compliance with the commitment made by both the COE and the Government of Spain to build a truly joint candidacy, this is organized in equal parts by Catalonia and Aragon and not, as the secessionists intended, with Catalonia as the main actress and Aragon little less what a vase Then he already warned that the president of the Generalitat had addressed the International Olympic Committee directly, bypassing of course the White COE, breaching his commitment and in terms and conditions very different from those initially agreed. That is, the independentists did what they always do, blow up the agreements and go behind the scenes to try to get the biggest slice possible. Neither did I hear Alejandro Blanco saying anything about the fact that the Generalitat was taking the matter “somewhere else”, as he did say about Aragón the other day.

When the Generalitat unilaterally chose the former skier Monica Bosch As coordinator of the project, I did not hear Blanco or, of course, Franco, that man who was placed digitally (that is, by finger) in the CSD. I did not hear Blanco make Laura Vilagrà’s conduct ugly when she said that most of the tests should be held in Catalonia nor when, cynically, she assured that the Generalitat was open to negotiating the incorporation of other territories for those tests that, for technical reasons, they could not organize them, such as cross-country skiing, jumping or bobsleigh events. I didn’t hear the COE come out to reproach Aragonés for referring to the candidacy as Pyrenees-Barcelona. I did not see anyone criticize the political overtones when, again from the Generalitat, it was reiterated that the 2030 project was a version of the one that was already presented in 2010 and that, therefore, the leading role should be Catalan. The project, which was not Catalan, should have been pro-independence, but in Moncloa they looked for a kind of useful idiot who would disguise it because what Sánchez was not willing to do was assume the wear and tear of only Catalonia appearing when the secessionists had just staged a coup d’état .

So the ignoring comes from afar, the disrespect and that air of superiority that the independentists wear is not from yesterday, it could be said that the Aragonese resistance has made silence and that, contrary to what was stated by Alejandro Blanco, Javier Lambán has been the only one who has had a true interest in organizing these Games almost until the end. The secessionists have, of course, played politics; Moncloa has made his policy, which is to see them come, let them pass and tell them it’s raining; and, siding with Moncloa, Alejandro Blanco has also played politics. It is, by the way, the third notorious failure of the president of the COE after the two Olympic triggers in Madrid. Blanco has been there since Televisión Española premiered Grandmother of Summer, with Rosa María Sardá. And this time he is not going to do the trick like he did with the 2016 and 2020 candidacies; Except for him and the COE, everyone was to blame for Madrid not coming out.

Now, except for him, Antonio and the independentistas, everyone has failed in the 2030 candidacy. It is time to assume responsibilities, don’t you think, Alejandro? I do know what Aragón has been wrong about during all this time, what happens is that my diagnosis is diametrically different from that of the president of the COE: Aragón has been wrong in thinking that the independentistas can change and that something can be negotiated with them. It’s not that you can’t go with them or to the corner of Formigal, it’s that you can’t go with them or inherit because surely the inheritance is poisoned. And now to politick, to make small corridors, to the rich whisper and to look for a hole anywhere. Franco’s, that man put there by Antonio, is busy. Many judo keys will have to be done to get him out of there.

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