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With FIFA 2022, ‘World Cup of Beauty of Camels’ being held in Qatar, rules and regulations are strict

Last year, 43 participants in a camel beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia were barred from using botox injections (representational photo)

FIFA Football World Cup 2022 is happening in Qatar but at the same time a very unique competition is also happening here. The only difference is that camels from Gulf countries are participating in this competition, not men. “Camel Beauty World Cup” is also happening in Qatar. In this, beautiful camels with long legs are competing to be the most attractive. According to the news agency Reuters, this program has been organized at the Qatar Camel Mazayen Club in Ash-Shahaniyah. The participating camels are divided into different categories on the basis of their age and breed.

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“It’s like the football World Cup, we did the Camel Beauty World Cup,” Hamad Jaber Al Athaba, president of Mazayen Club, told Reuters.

During the event, camels were paraded in front of the audience, chewing continuously, and the audience enjoyed it with coffee and sweets. There is fierce competition between different types of camels.

“Black camels are judged according to the size of the body and the position of the head and ears,” said Al Athaba, president of the Mazayen Club. “But with the Magahir-type camel, we look for proportionality and the ears should be facing down.” , should not stand straight, besides the way the mouth is curved,”

But before the competition begins, experts examine the camels using X-rays to avoid cheating and check whether the animals have undergone any surgical correction.

Last year, a case of fraud came to light after 43 entrants in a camel beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia were disqualified for botox injections and other cosmetic enhancements.

Organizers have cracked down on cosmetic enhancements in recent years, a malpractice that continues to flourish amid tough competition and despite heavy penalties.

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