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With everything and Cybertruck: Samuel García and Álvarez Máynez launch themselves into Pa’l Norte 2024 (VIDEO)

The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García and the presidential candidate for Movimiento Ciudadano (MC), Jorge Álvarez Máynez, attended the Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024 music festival aboard a Tesla Cybertruck.

Through videos shared by Máynez’s team, both emecists are observed inside the vehicle as they head to the Fundidora Parka place that hosts the musical event.

“We are going to Pa’l Norte in the Cybertruck… How do you see the ‘Cybertruckona’?” Samuel García is heard saying, who asks Máynez what music they are listening to, to which the candidate responds: “Devendra Banhart”, one of the several artists who are already performing this Saturday at the famous festival.

In the recording, Álvarez Máynez mentions that they will also listen to Danny Ocean, other urban music singers who are part of the Pa’l Norte lineup for this day.

As they head to the festival, García says he is happy to have the candidate back in Nuevo León, where this Sunday, March 31, Mariana Rodríguez will begin her campaign as candidate for mayor of Monterrey.

This is how Samuel García and Álvarez Máynez arrived at Pa’l Norte 2024

In another clip, the moment is shown when the two politicians arrive at the entrance of the event after passing through the review area. Both with their ‘phospho phospho’ tennis shoes, while some attendees begin to record them with their cell phones. “Ready, dad, come to Hospitality.”says Samuel, who even stops to greet those who recognize him.

Before entering, the candidate for the presidency of Mexico took a photo with the Tesla Cybertruck, whose cost in the market ranges from 1.9 million pesos.

How much do ‘Hospitality’ tickets cost, the most exclusive area of ​​Tecate Pa’l Norte?

Once inside the festival, García and Máynez took more photos in the boxes that are part of the VIP or exclusive Tecate Pa’l Norte packages, which have an approximate price of 7 thousand 770 pesos.

According to the festival’s website, another type of ticket, the ‘hospitality’, has some extra benefits than the rest of the entries. Among them:

  • Batteries to charge cell phone
  • Open bar of international drinks
  • Complimentary gourmet gastronomic selection
  • Lounge and rest area
  • Spa

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