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With date the interview of Don Omar and Don Francisco

reggaeton Don Omar and the presenter Mr. Francisco They advanced in their respective social networks what will be an unforgettable conversation between two great friends.

The Chilean presenter interviewed Don Omar and the program will be broadcast tomorrow, Sunday, October 2 at 10:00 pm on CNN en Español.

The production of this great project has described it as “a reunion of titans”, since coincidentally both protagonists share the pseudonym “Don” and have honored this alias through their great contributions within the entertainment industry.

Don Omar and Don Francisco decided to sit in front of the cameras and jointly create an invaluable conversation, which will present to millions of Spanish-speaking viewers around the world the raw and difficult, but at the same time inspiring story of the Latin artist who was baptized more than 15 years as “King of reggaeton”.

“It is a sincere and transparent conversation where Don Omar tells us what his life was like before he became the great music icon that he is today. The experiences and learning from him ”, indicated Don Francisco.

This was expressed on his official Instagram account by the charismatic giant of television, Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld.

This unexpected meeting for many followers of both figures has shaken social networks in recent days, due to the experiences that Don Omar experienced in his adolescence.

“How great it is to know that we are talking about what nobody listens to and what great news that they will soon know the truth of many rumors in that great interview,” said Don Omar.

Through this great audiovisual production that keeps the immense fan base of the Puerto Rican interpreter on alert, Don Francisco has promised that it will be a unique interview, without taboos and transparent, to narrate in detail the inspiring story of this creator of great successes in music. urban.

The urban genre tycoon, Don Omar, and the communication star Don Francisco, shook social networks by announcing the progress of a surprising meeting

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