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With a video, Alberto Fernández remembered Luis Alberto Spinetta on Musician’s Day

Alberto Fernández published this Sunday on Twitter a video with which he paid tribute to Luis Alberto Spinetta for “his legacy and his sensitivity”, on the day that the country commemorates the Musician’s Day for the birth of the author of “Girl with paper eyes”.

The president recalled Spinetta and greeted the Argentine musicians for having left their mark on an entire generation, and remarked that they are “inseparable part of our lives”.

Referring specifically to the singer and guitarist of Almendra and Invisible, among other bands, Fernández highlighted his unique sensibility and eternal legacy, and included a quote from the musician: “I would like my music to help alleviate the pain of those who cannot.”

Spinetta was born on January 23, 1950.

At the beginning of the official video -which ends with the slogan “Argentina united” from the Presidency’s communications- Astor Piazzolla can be heard speaking about the “beginning of a new music from Buenos Aires”, in reference to the first years of the Argentine rock, and mentioning Spinetta and Charly García.

The images then cover Spinetta’s career since its inception, and he can be seen alongside other renowned musicians such as Mercedes Sosa, Gustavo Cerati and Fito Páez.

And among some statements by “El Flaco” that are heard, the one that stands out is that “If there is someone who occupies the position Number one is Litto, for me, it’s Nebbia“, coincidentally a musician that the president has declared admirer on more than one occasion, even interpreting some of his songs.

The video closes with more images and Fito singing “Things have movement” in the background.

The now president Alberto Fernández together with Luis Alberto Spinetta at the Casa Rosada, in 2005.

The now president Alberto Fernández together with Luis Alberto Spinetta at the Casa Rosada, in 2005.

The last image is that of Spinetta hugging Fernandez when the current president was Chief of Staff, in 2005. The scene is taken from the recital that the musician gave at the Casa Rosada as part of “Music in the White Room”, the cycle that brought national performers to the Government House during the presidency of Néstor Kirchner.

The date, by Skinny

In the same sense, another video was prepared by the Ministry of Culture commanded by Tristán Bauer.

“Spinetta was, is and will be a celebration of art. His work and his life illuminated the spirits and consciences of our country,” they wrote in the portfolio account. In that video there is a review of “the 23 reasons” for which the musician determined the celebration day of national music. an edition fast and interesting to remember its milestones and that culminates with the voice of the Skinny saying “long live Argentina”.

Luis Alberto Spinetta was born on January 23, 1950 in the neighborhood of Belgrano. Singer, guitarist, composer, writer, and inspired cartoonist, he founded and joined the bands Almendra, Invisible, Pescado Rabioso, Spinetta Jade, and Los Socios del Desierto.

He died on February 8, 2012, after suffering from lung cancer. In 2015, the Law 27,106 established the date of his birth as National Musician’s Day.



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