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With a retweet, Alberto Fernández joined the ruling party’s criticism of the field protest

Alberto Fernández is determined to associate this Saturday’s call of rural producers, who gathered thousands of people in Plaza de Mayo, with a move by the opposition in response to the “unexpected rent” that Martín Guzmán intends to send to Congress.

It was Gabriela Ceruti, the spokeswoman for the Presidency who has more and more gravitation in the communicational decisions of the Casa Rosada, the one in charge of planting the position of the Government while the tractors and thousands of people began to withdraw from downtown Buenos Aires; Mauricio Macri congratulated the mobilization through the networks and other PRO leaders such as Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich They were also distracted.

“We regret that leaders of Together for Change who proclaim themselves Republicans have led a demonstration today whose final document characterizes the government legitimately elected by the people as ‘vandals and usurpers’ and to the governors as ‘unworthy alliance of feudal vassalage’. This position of the head of government of the City of Buenos Aires and other leaders of the PRO does not contribute to democratic coexistence,” Cerruti stressed as Saturday afternoon fell, and the President closed an act of the Evita Movement.

The text was written directly by the head of state.

Protest in Plaza de Mayo, on Saturday. Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros.

This Sunday, Fernández did not directly allude to the tractor-trailer, whose central claim was focused on a request for a tax reduction. But used his Twitter account to massify a thread of his friend Claudio Ferrenohead of the Frente de Todos bloc in the Buenos Aires Legislature, who targeted the opposition, but mainly to the management of the City.

“They want to return to the Argentina before Perón. Since the macrismo first and its acolytes later acceded to the City government, the sad reality of the liberal management reflects that the inventory of public goods has not stopped declining, “wrote the legislator . And he added: “When they managed to become a national government, they multiplied in their own management the positions and plans that they criticize today“. The President retweeted the messages.

“It is difficult to talk after the heads hanging on the fence”, they emphasized to this newspaper from the presidential circle in allusion to the black bags with images of the main K leaders hung on the bars of Plaza de Mayo, which went viral. In government there is a special surprise with the head of governmentwhich has hardened its position in recent times.

The active participation of Rodríguez Larreta in this Saturday’s march did not go down well at Casa Rosada, and he joined the Buenos Aires decision to authorize the symbolic entry of tractors into the City hours after Hannibal Fernandez threatened to use force to prevent it.

“Don’t even dream of it”, the Minister of Security had said before Marcelo D’Alessandro, his Buenos Aires counterpart, communicated to notify him that Rodríguez Larreta had decided to authorize the march through the City. Aníbal Fernández then declared himself redundant. The link between the President and the head of government has been definitively buried for a long time.

For now, the Government has no intention of backing down on the bill for “unexpected rent” in which Guzmán works and which seeks to seize the extraordinary surplus of some sectors as a result of the Russian invasion in Ukraine: it would impact, according to Casa Rosada, those companies with real profits of more than $1,000 million in the last year.

“The mobilization organized around a caravan of tractors protested against a bill that they still do not know about and that does not involve them since there are no producers who have invoiced more than one billion pesos in the last year. This clearly demonstrates the political motivations” , Cerruti abounded on Saturday afternoon.

The spokeswoman had already crossed paths with Rodríguez Larreta during the week on the networks as soon as the head of government spoke out against a new tax increase.

Project with an uncertain future

In this sense, the project that Guzmán is preparing, still informally, awaits an uncertain future in Congress: Serge Massawho during the week distanced himself from Kirchnerism by proposing the radical Roxana Reyes as counselor to the Magistrature, already warned at the Casa Rosada that the parliamentary panorama for an initiative of this nature it’s discouraging.

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