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Wisin y Yandel make a historic impact with their concert series on the island

After breaking records with a 14-performance concert series in Puerto Rico, there is no doubt that urban exponents Wisin and Yandel They have honored the names with which they have called themselves, “The duo of history” and “Los Líderes”, by continuing to set precedents.

Throughout their 25-year career, which they have known how to lead upwards, they have not only impacted various generations with their music, but with what would be a total of 39 performances on the island, they have achieved a great economic impact on the world of entertainment, having as headquarters the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico.

It will be in that same place where As of this coming Friday, December 2, Wisin y Yandel are preparing to close their concert tour “La última misión”, in a period in which they will receive approximately 200,000 people, whose direct economic impact on the Coliseum is estimated to be about 6 million dollars.

This is how he highlighted it Jorge L. Perezregional manager in Puerto Rico of ASM Global, a company that manages the Puerto Rico Convention Center, the Antiguo Casino, the Coca Cola Music Hall and the Puerto Rico Coliseum, who pointed out that 500 or 600 jobs will be generated per night .

“The multiplier effects of this economic impact are an additional 8 million dollars for the country’s economy. With the economic movement that will arise as a result of the concert, it will contribute a total of 14 million dollars to the local economy”, indicated Pérez, noting that this initial calculation was in the hands of the economist Gustavo Vélez.

Since last March, the performers of “Algo me gusta de ti” have already done almost 80 performances, when they started in Latin America with “La última misión” and then continued their tour through 26 cities in the United States. It will be at their house where they will not only close this tour with a flourish, but will also make history by being the first artists to make a presentation at the so-called “Choliseo” to bid farewell to the year.

“We are making history, we broke records. I had the record daddy yankee with 12 functions. Now we have 14 functions. We sold out 9 shows in 24 hours, which is another record. We are doing a concert for the first time on December 31, which was like a challenge, but I think it was the best way to close a full month of doing concerts. It’s Wisin y Yandel’s farewell, why not do it at a New Year’s farewell? For those who are wondering how it will work, We are going to say goodbye to the year on stage and the concert will continue. This is going to be the biggest farewell party of the year in Puerto Rico and we are going to do it for the first time here at the Coliseo”, assured the producer paco lopezwho since 2007 has been producing the concerts of the urban duo on the island.

From the Puerto Rico Coliseum, Carlos Pérez, creative director of the “La última misión” tour, Jorge L. Pérez, regional manager in Puerto Rico of ASM Global, and producer Paco López talked about the impact that the concert series by the urban duo Wisin y Yandel. (Alexis Cedeno)

Secondly, Carlos perezwho is the creative director of the tour, pointed out that both artists, days after their first show on the island, have been in Cayey, where they feel very calm, resting and focused on Friday arriving.

“It is interesting because also the first time I think they finished the tour in Puerto Rico. It is not that we are starting from Puerto Rico to the world. The good thing about that is that the show is growing. Beyond the creative, it is also important to highlight the psychological, business side, and all those elements combined after spending about 25 years in an industry that requires a lot. Last night we had the conversation that it was important to enjoy it, because they have many victories along the way and a tour of 80 presentations, because you have to be attentive to the human side and sometimes we think that they are superheroes “he explained.

To this, López added that both Wisin and Yandel are well focused on the fact that their concerts will be the biggest Christmas party in Puerto Rico, for which he urges people to wear comfortable shoes and sports shoes, no heels, as he anticipates that they will be nights of a lot of dancing

“They want to wrap all these Christmas, cultural things from Puerto Rico, in their shows. There is going to be a lot of happiness, a lot of beautiful things and surprises, including guest artists, as they always do. The production will be very large. This is the setup of the tour, but on steroids, especially for Puerto Rico with totally new stuff.” added the producer, who also shared that since 2007 it has always been a challenge to raise the level of production of his concerts. “I think that these 14 concerts are going to leave that reflected, that is, that we are going to surpass everything we have done in our entire career, what they are going to see will surpass it.”

For the first time since it opened its doors in 2004, the year will end at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico with a concert offered by Wisin y Yandel, as part of their world tour that included Latin America and the United States.
For the first time since it opened its doors in 2004, the year will end at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico with a concert offered by Wisin y Yandel, as part of their world tour that included Latin America and the United States. (Oscarmena)

In advance, Pérez anticipates that consolidating a twenty-something-year-old repertoire managed to create a fairly interactive show, in which people remain on their feet. Likewise, he highlighted that it is the first time that this urban duo has sold out a tour without having recently released an album. “It has been in a certain way a compliment from the fans for the respect they have for his career,” he said.

López reported that there are tickets left for some three shows, including the one on December 31, and for others new sections have been opened in the arena area.

“Having 14 shows, if you come to see what’s happening in all the ‘venues’, do a one-month residency, it’s not something common, it’s not something that happens in all places, it’s not something that happens with all artists. We have had great renowned artists come here, but 14 performances, mostly sold out, and the way they were sold is really impressive,” said ASM Global’s regional manager in Puerto Rico.

Will it be a final farewell? It is something that no one could guarantee. Only time will tell.

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