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Wipro found 300 employees working with rival organization, fired from company

New Delhi, September 21 (Agency)

Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji on Wednesday said the company has found 300 employees working with the rival organization and has taken action against them and fired them from the company. He said he stood by his comments about ‘moonlighting’ and that it was a complete breach of allegiance to the company. When an employee does some other work in addition to his regular job, it is technically called ‘Moonlighting’.

Speaking at the All India Management Association (AIMA) national conference, Premji said, “The reality is that today there are people who are working for a rival company along with Wipro. We have actually traced 300 such employees in the last few months who are actually doing this.” When asked about the action taken against such employees working for the company as well as the rival organization, he said Separately during that he has been fired for breach of allegiance to the company. Premji said that the very definition of ‘moonlighting’ is to do other work in a secret manner. Transparency allows individuals to have a candid and open conversation about working on a project over the weekend. On employees working in secret for competing companies, he said, “There is no scope for anyone to work with Wipro as well as with its rival organization…”.

Significantly, a new debate has started in the industry after Wipro Chairman’s recent remarks on ‘moonlighting’. On this issue, Premji said on Twitter, “A lot of talk is coming out about employees doing moonlighting in IT companies. This is plain and simple deception.

Infosys also warned employees of disciplinary action

Information technology (IT) company Infosys has warned of disciplinary action to employees working in the company along with other jobs. Infosys has said in a message to employees that working or ‘moonlighting’ is not allowed in two places. Any breach of contract will result in disciplinary action and may result in termination. At the same time, leading technology company IBM has also called ‘moonlighting’ unethical. IBM’s Managing Director (India and South Asia) Sandeep Patel said at an event last week that employees can do whatever they want during their rest time, but moonlighting is not ethical.

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