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WIPR receives funds for the digitization of its programming

The Puerto Rico Corporation for Public Broadcasting today announced the granting of funds for the digitization of the first three decades 1950-1970 of the programming of its radio station WIPR 940AM. This is a $349,893.00 federal grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

This is the largest amount awarded by NHPRC to a public entity in the past year. The selection of the WIPR-AM project is a sign of the immense value, dedication, and historical relevance of preserving the public radio archives of the people of Puerto Rico. It is also a result of the dedication of the current WIPR administration in raising funds for the CPRDP.

The first phase of the project entails an inventory of material to be digitized, which includes some 2,708 hours of programming from those three decades.

Among the programs to be digitized are “Today’s story” and the “Teyo Gracia” collection from the 1950s; “Gatherings with Abelardo Díaz Alfaro”, the “Casals Festival”, “Tribute to Ernesto Ramos Antonini” and “Tribute to Pedro Flores” from the ’60s; “Environmental Quality”, “Concert” and “Turning the Island” from the ’70s and “Vignette Rustic”, from the early ’80s.

When the project is completed in 2024, the digitized program archives will be available for public access through the United States Library of Congress, the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, and also on a website designated by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Puerto Rico for Public Dissemination.

“We are extremely grateful for the efforts made to achieve this historic goal for WIPR and all of Puerto Rico. This project has a unique public interest of being able to explore the history of our parents, grandparents, ancestors through the narration of the protagonists and witnesses of the history that happened in each of those years. This material has been rescued and will be a unique opportunity to show our history as a country, from the middle of the 20th century to the present, preserved for current and future generations, through the programming of a cultural radio station that, from its beginnings and to this day, it maintains its north”, expressed Eric Delgadopresident of the Puerto Rico Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Thanks to these archives, today we can learn much of the history of this part of the world, through documents of all kinds that testify to the events that shaped the generations that preceded us. Documents from an outstanding part of Puerto Rico’s history will soon be added to those archives.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA as it is known by its acronym in English), is a prestigious entity that is in charge of the records of all documents and materials created in the United States and its territories. The United States Congress established the National Archives in 1934 to preserve and care for the government records of the United States and its territories. Previously, these were kept in basements, attics, abandoned buildings, and other storage locations with little security or concern for stockpile conditions.


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