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Winter break, fuel discount: what changes on April 1

PSeveral measures will come into effect on Friday 1er April, ten days before the first round of the presidential election. It is in particular the end of the winter break, after five months during which evictions were prohibited – with rare exceptions – in order not to put people on the street in cold weather. In 2020 and 2021, due to the pandemic, the winter break had been extended beyond its usual deadline.

In the same logic, it again becomes possible for suppliers to cut off access to electricity and gas, in the event of non-payment. EDF, the historic electricity supplier, has nevertheless undertaken not to make such cuts. The group, which has not yet been followed by its competitors, will instead proceed with a power reduction to ensure a minimum service (light, refrigerator, telephone charging).

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Regulation of rents and fuel rebates

In territories where rent control applies (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Villeurbanne, 18 municipalities of Seine-Saint-Denis and soon Bordeaux as well as Montpellier), real estate professionals will now have to mention in their advertisements the maximum authorized rent for each property. In addition, promised by the government in the face of soaring prices, the discount of at least 15 cents at the pump comes into force from Friday and for four months. The rebate, which will cost around three billion euros in public finances, will go up to 18 cents per liter in mainland France excluding Corsica.

Several benefits will also increase by 1.8%, in line with inflation, according to the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. The RSA (active solidarity income) paid to people aged at least 25 who do not have the resources to provide them with a minimum level of income, is concerned. It will now reach 575.52 euros per month for a single person without children.

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The activity bonus, which aims to encourage the most precarious workers to resume professional activity, will also increase by 1.8%. The lump sum for a single person will therefore reach 563.68 euros per month. The Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH), disability pensions and all family benefits are also affected by this 1.8% increase.

Insurance: supervision of cold calling

Telephone canvassing in the insurance sector will be more strictly regulated. After stating their identity and specifying the commercial nature of the call, telephone canvassers must obtain the prospect’s consent to continue the conversation. The discussion must be recorded and it will be kept for two years if an insurance contract is concluded.

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