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Wink to Vladimir Putin: Nicolás Maduro’s Venezuela organizes a counter-summit in protest of what NATO will do in Madrid

The Venezuelan ruling party confirmed that on June 28 and 29 it will organize a NATO counter-summit in the state of Táchira, bordering Colombia, in protest of the appointment that the Atlantic military alliance will hold on that same date in Madrid and that will have as its central theme the war in Ukraine.

The deputy of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and member of the campaign committee “No more NATO” Julio Chavez ratified the activity, in which “different types of conferences will be held: forums, meetings, discussions, concentrations and public events.”

This meeting will take place as response to the next NATO summitwhose central themes will be the accession of Sweden and Finland as members of the organization and the requests to reinforce the eastern flank of the alliance, both issues as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Chávez also affirmed that in the counter-summit “proposals will be collected that will feed the document that the delegations of Latin America will take in August to a World Summit against Fascism organized by the Russian Federation“.

In August, Russia will hold a meeting called the “International Anti-Fascist Congress”, in which it hopes to unite its allies in the midst of the war in Ukraine and which will take place within the framework of the Armiya 2022 military-technical forum organized by the Russian Defense Ministry. .

Venezuela chose that its activity take place in San Cristóbal because it is the capital of Táchira, which is a border state with Colombia, taking into account that the neighboring nation became a main non-NATO ally on May 23.

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