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Wink from a Martín Lousteau reference at the arrival of Judge Ariel Lijo to the Supreme Court: “He will have the consensus of the majority”

One of the references of the radical senator Martin Lousteau assured this Sunday that the judge’s statement Ariel Lijo to integrate the Supreme Court will have consensus in Congress.

Is about Emiliano Yacobittivice-rector of the University of Buenos Aires, who stressed that it is important that the Supreme Court be complete with its five members and that he would also like to have a woman.

“If you ask me, what do I think is going to happen with Lijo? I think it will have the consensus of the majority, from what I hear, for them to vote for it.“, he stated in dialogue with Radio Con Vos.

The Government wants to speed up the process of appointing the Buenos Aires federal judge Lijo, along with that of the jurist Manuel García-Mansilla, the two candidates proposed by President Javier Milei for the Court, who in the Senate do not have the slightest sign of negotiation and They assure that the votes are not yet there to approve these documents.

Apparently, on the part of radicalism they hope to have the support of Lousteau in the upper house and also with the vote of Senator Guadalupe Tagliaferri, representing Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

Now, the vice-rector of the UBA and a man close to Lousteau gave a nod to the support of Lijo’s application by the radical senator, despite the fact that days ago he questioned the Government’s decision to propose Lijo and García-Mansilla to fill the vacancies of the Court.

Judge Lijo, one of the two chosen by the Government to join the Supreme Court. Photo Maxi Failla.

“I want to see women in the Court, it was a good time to send the list of women,” said Lousteau after being at the center of criticism for her vote to reject mega DNU 70/2023.

The Executive wants the period of public observations on the two candidates to open in the coming days, after the President gave instructions to the Minister of Justice, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, to begin the process of appointing the judges.

Prior to this, the names and background of the applicants must be published in the Official Gazette, and then, the Ministry of Justice will begin to receive the adhesions and observations on the applicants for 15 days.

After completing these steps, it will only be possible to request agreement from the Senate of the Nation to advance with the document and be able to fill the two vacancies of the Supreme Court.

The ruling party will need two-thirds of those present, 48 senators, to secure the appointments of Lijo and García-Mansilla. So far, the Government candidates have the support of the 7 senators of La Libertad Avanza, the 6 of the Pro and what allies such as Juan Carlos Romero and Beatriz Avila from Tucuman can contribute, and apparently the support of Lousteau according to what his advisor Yacobitti said.

The position of the president of the Radical Civic Union is something that the rest of the legislators of the bloc were waiting for in order to be able to make a definition regarding the treatment of the document.

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