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Will the 2023 tariff shield really fulfill its role?

Some households have seen their bill increase by 10% in 2022, against the 4% promised by the government thanks to the tariff shield, according to “Le Parisien”.


Some households have seen their electricity bills increase by 11% in 2022, despite the government having promised a cap of 4%. (illustrative image)
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Lhe tariff shield has holes in the racket. Will he be able to protect the French as he should in 2023? Its 2022 version promised an inflation cap for electricity at 4%. According The Parisian, Thursday, November 17, some households have yet seen their bill increase by 11%. The daily conducted a study in collaboration with the start-up Lite.

Several scenarios arise. Households who are at the regulated tariff with the Base option have taken this increase head on. Those who have taken the off-peak option have managed to limit the damage even if they have seen the price in these periods… increase. The opposite of what the government was hoping for, which wanted to favor consumption during off-peak hours to reduce tension on the network during peak hours. A half-confessed fault by a source close to the file with the Parisian : “The public authorities drew the first shield in an emergency. They did not necessarily anticipate all the collateral effects. “.

Finally, last case, the 12.3 million homes that have turned to other operators. “Households whose tariff is free, for example indexed to market prices, will find themselves highly exposed. Each supplier defining its own tariff schedules, the prices can easily go from simple to quadruple for the same household”, warns Rémy Rousset, co-founder of the start-up.

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Price gaps monitored in 2023

The tariff shield version 2023 must cap inflation at 15%. Will it be more waterproof than its predecessor? “We are going to assess things to ensure that the protective measures put in place for the French are fully effective,” promises Bercy. “Some differences could remain, depending on the types of offers and subscriptions, but they will be very limited, in particular for households at the regulated tariff” provides Emmanuelle Wargon, head of the Energy Regulation Commission. “We will look closely at how suppliers pass on the effects of the shield to their customers”, also guarantees the former minister.

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