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Will Mexicans abroad not be able to vote on June 2? INE explains why it rejected registrations

After Mexicans abroad claimed that the National Electoral Institute (INE) rejected their registrations to the Nominal Listdepriving them of their vote in the next elections on June 2, the electoral body explained the reasons why some registration requests were declared inadmissible.

Days before, dozens of Mexican residents abroad reported on social media that they had received an email notification indicating that their status had changed to “inadmissible,” alleging allegeds “inconsistencies or an invalid registration situation”which resulted in its exclusion from the Nominal List.

Fellow nationals abroad pointed out that, with these actions, the INE has denied them their right to vote in the 2024 elections, in which not only the President of the Republic will be elected, but also more than 19 thousand elected positions between governorships, senatorial offices, councils, city councils, municipal boards and mayors’ offices.

What did the INE say about the vote of Mexicans abroad?

This Saturday, the INE confirmed that, upon carrying out a thorough review of 42,436 applications for registration of the Overseas Electorateit was determined inadmissibility of 39 thousand 724 requests (equivalent to 0.04 percent of the National Nominal List) for “presenting irregularities or inconsistencies in the supporting documents.”

Among these inconsistencies he mentioned:

  • Irregularities in the signature – 18 thousand 203
  • Irregularities in the Proof of Address – 861
  • Non-compliance with requirements – 12 thousand 574
  • Records with multiple irregularities – 8 thousand 86

He explained that regarding the signature, illegible signaturesphotocopies of the signature instead of a handwritten signature or lack of coincidence with the signature on the Voting Credential (CPV), while in the area of ​​proof of address they assure that there were data alteration, apocryphal receiptsrepeated registrations with the same receipt and receipts that do not meet the required validity.

Likewise, they reported that apocryphal documents, non-existent addresses, as well as incomplete records were found, for example, lacking any requirement or signature.

For these reasons and after the review process, the Nominal List of Voters Abroad was made up of a total of 187 thousand 388 records.

What to do if the INE rejected your registration to vote from abroad?

If you were one of those who received the notification from the INE, you can still communicate with this organization through its official channels, so that you can make the necessary clarifications and have your registration ratified in the Nominal List of Electorates Abroad. Have until May 5 to do it.

He specified that Mexicans who do not make this clarification, regardless of this, yes they will be able to vote in the special boxes that will be installed in the 23 consular headquarters with your voting credential processed in Mexico or abroad.

For any clarification, those affected can contact the INETEL line 1 (866) 986 8306 from the United States toll-free; at +52 (55) 5481 9897 from other countries; or at 55 57 28 27 00, ext. 350176, 391002 and 372162. Another option is to send an email to the address [email protected], or dial 55 5480 0400 ext. 350585 and 350176.

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