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Will El Salmista opens up to other musical genres with his “Essence”

The Puerto Rican singer Will The Psalmist was more than ready to conquer other musical genres without leaving aside his “Essence”sing with God in mind and heart.

Thus was born the musical bet of exponent of sacred urban musicwho decided to fuse the traditional elements of his raw material, sacred music, with modern influences, thus creating a fresh and moving sound to delight the ears of an audience of all ages.

Essence is about who we are, what God has put in our hearts. It is the transparency of opening up and telling life experiences,” Wildany Calderón – the artist’s first name – told El Nuevo Día in an interview.

Through a “musical journey” of 19 songs with ballad, soft rock, bachata, R&B, salsa and rap rhythms, it addresses themes of hope, redemption and divine love.

Although this is the only production by the composer that does not include the musical base of reggaeton, a genre that has gained popularity among new exponents of sacred music, Will El Salmista assures that it is a genre that is opening more and more doors to them. .

“As Pope Francis said: ‘the church is for everyone’ and we emphasize it. “Many young people have come to Christ through our songs.”

For the artist this album meets your most important requirement: “touch the hearts and lift the spirits of those who listen to it.” “We have worked hard on the creation of “Esencia”, collaborating with renowned producers and musicians in the Catholic Christian music industry. The result is a set of songs that are not only musically enveloping, but also spiritually enriching.”

Among the songs are two that are particularly special for the singer, they are “My great love”and “You won’t stop me.”

“For ‘My Great Love’ I wanted to make a song to express and explain what I feel about God and how I describe it.” On the other hand, in “You won’t stop me” he addresses depression and anxiety attacks, topics often considered “taboo” in Puerto Rican society and which touch him very closely. “I decided to trust in what God had for me. And in the end I was able to say ‘you won’t stop me,’” he reaffirmed.

It is the “Essence” of Will The Psalmist to seek to connect with his lyrics and life experiences with those who listen to him. “Despite the circumstances we are in, God is always on our side to encourage us and keep moving forward,” he concluded by saying.

“Essence” already It is available on all digital music platforms.

In addition, he has already released the music video for the song “To the extreme” and will perform in concert in Puerto Rico on November 11.

His appointment with his fans will be at the San Antonio de Padua School Auditorium in Río Piedras at 6:00 pm Tickets are available through the Eventbrite platform.

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