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Wildfires ‘merge’ in New Mexico and threaten to devastate rural areas

Maggie Mulligan said her dogs could panic as she and her husband picked them up, sad to leave the horses behind and flee a wildfire that was rapidly advancing toward their home in northeastern New Mexico.

“We don’t know what’s next,” he said. “We don’t know if we can go back for the horses.”

Mulligan and her husband, Bill Gombas, 67, were among anxious residents who quickly packed up and evacuated their homes Friday ahead of threatening wildfires in the West fueled by dry tinder conditions and fierce winds.

More than a dozen sizable fires burned in Arizona and New Mexicodestroying dozens of homes and as of Saturday laying waste to more than 451 square kilometers.

Winds that howled on Friday remained a concern Saturday in northern New Mexico, where two fires merged and quadrupled in size. to a total of 171 square kilometers in mountains and prairies northwest of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

The merged fires burned some structures, but figures were not available, Fire Information Officer Mike Johnson said.

“They were able to save some structures and we know we lost other structures that we were unable to defend,” he said.

Wind-blown dust clouds and plumes of smoke darkened the skies near the fires, said Jesus Romero, deputy San Miguel County Sheriff.

“All the ugliness that spring brings in New Mexico, that’s what they’re dealing with,” he stressed.

It is estimated that 500 households in San Miguel they were in rural areas of Mora and San Miguel counties covered by evacuation orders or advisories, Romero added.

Elsewhere in the region, fire danger in the Denver area on Friday was the highest in more than a decade, according to the National Weather Service, due to unusual temperatures in the 1980s combined with strong winds. and very dry conditions.

In Arizona, a Flagstaff-area fire consumed 30 homes and numerous buildings as flames ripped through rural neighborhoods Tuesday.

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