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Wi-Fi on the street: the cheapest mobile data and the best apps to find free networks

It can happen that at the least opportune moment and when it is most needed, the phone’s mobile data plan runs out. Among the many options available, Mercado Pago now also offers a WiFi solution.

The idea is that anyone can access the service to buy gigabytes in a simple, fast way and at a cheaper price than that of mobile operators.

For this initiative, it signed an alliance with Telecentro to offer “Wi-Fi in the street” in its coverage area, between the City of Buenos Aires and Conurbano.

To use the Internet service, you have to go to the button see more located in the Mercado Pago services box. Then, a cell phone will have to be included.

The prices of the urban service of Mercado Libre.

This number will serve as an identifier within the service, since you do not need to be a customer or register a Telecentro account to use it.

The next step will be to opt for some of the plans in force. Prices according to quantity are:

  • 10 GB for 7 days for 260 pesos.
  • 15 GB for 15 days at 450 pesos.
  • 25 GB for 30 days at a value of 750 pesos.

And although many believe that it is a hoax, the low cost of the service is due, according to those responsible, to the fact that antennas are not used, but repeaters that raise the User WiFi Telecentre

Once the service is contracted, you must go to the connection list of the device, choose the Telecentro WiFi network and enter the code that will arrive by SMS.

For comparison, the prices of the immediate competitors were surveyed to get an idea of ​​their value:

  • 8 Gigs in Claro cost 10,600 pesos per month.
  • 8 Gigs in Personal amounts to 7,823 pesos per month.
  • 10 Gigas in Movistar are 5,250 pesos per month.

Applications to find free Wi-Fi on the street

Wi-Fi Finder.Wi-Fi Finder.

If you are not willing to pay, it is possible to resort to certain free applications that, although they are not completely secure, offer the possibility of browsing without spending a penny.

Wi-Fi Map. It is one of the most popular apps for finding and connecting to free networks in different locations. The WiFi Map user community contributes by sharing passwords and WiFi hotspot locations around the world.

It allows you to search for nearby access points, view comments and ratings from other users, and also save your favorite networks for easier access in the future.

In addition, it has a function that allows you to download maps with WiFi access points to use them without an Internet connection.

Instabridge. It is based on the contribution of the community to collect and share WiFi network passwords. With an easy-to-use interface that shows a list of available networks within the location, indicating whether they are free or require a password.

In turn, whoever downloads it can see comments and ratings from other users to ensure the quality and reliability of each network.

Wi-Fi Finder. Just by having GPS turned on in your phone, the app will show you a list of nearby Wi-Fi networks, including detailed information about each one, such as the type of location (airports, restaurants, libraries, etc.), the distance, the ratings of users and comments.

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