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Why WhatsApp Web takes so long to load messages and how to fix it

During one of the latest updates of WhatsApp Web, the desktop version of the messenger, something happened with the message sync, which takes longer than usual to start the chat. It doesn’t matter if the computer being used is a super gaming machine or an old PC.

The Facebook Meta app is aware of the situation and published on its official website a clarificationdue to the multiple complaints that occur on social networks.

“We listen to feedback from our users that indicates we still have a long way to go. We are working on improvements for a faster experience and reliable on linked devices,” he added.

Although many users thought that the problem had to do with their PC or the internet connection, the truth is that this delay has to do with the latest update of the application, which allows you to use the desktop version without having the phone nearby.

One of the problems is in the latest update.

Keep in mind that this version as the so-called “Desktop” version they are WhatsApp account extensions that the user has on his cell phone and that can be synchronized on a computer to be used from there.

The delay in loading, according to the company, is because the software has to connect with a cloud version to copy photos, videos, GIFs, stickers and even audio, so that you no longer depend on the smartphone.

Even in some chats or groups it can be observed that not all messages or multimedia files are recovered from their mobile version.

How to improve the loading of messages in WhatsApp

How to improve system performance.

How to improve system performance.

One method that can be implemented to facilitate communication between the desktop and mobile system is clean the WhatsApp cache from the mobile itself.

The WhatsApp cache, within the Android architecture, is a storage reserved by the software so that the most frequently used or requested data can be retrieved more quickly.

It is, therefore, an auxiliary memory that works like a highway that is made so that WhatsApp can download the information it needs on a recurring basis.

To empty this reserve bin, within Settings you will have to select the applications option and search for Storage and data. Once there choose Manage storage.

In this folder, all the media files used in the application. At the top, the MB consumed and the storage capacity limit are displayed.

The lower the number of gifts, photos and icons and even the conversations that accumulate, the longer it will take to perform the synchronization.

Ideally, there should be less than 500MB. To lower the number, you can select which files to discard and which ones you are willing to talk to in the system.

By deleting the WhatsApp cache we will not be losing any relevant information. However, we will be freeing up space reserved for that application, which will allow the app’s processes to work faster and, therefore, WhatsApp to work better on our phone.


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