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Why should one eat desi ghee during Navratri fast? Here are 5 reasons, know when Shardiya Navratri is starting in October

Desi ghee is a major part of Indian households. Especially during festivals like Navratri. Ghee is an integral part of Indian culture and has been used for centuries. During Navratri fast, desi ghee becomes even more important due to its innumerable benefits.

Why should one eat desi ghee during Navratri fasting?

1. Gives energy

One reason why desi ghee is preferred during Navratri fasting is its high energy source. Fasting can reduce energy, making you feel tired and lethargic. Desi ghee is full of healthy fats, which makes it a good source of energy.

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2. Rich in nutrients

Desi ghee is not just a source of empty calories, it is a nutritional powerhouse. It contains essential vitamins and minerals which are essential for overall health. Some of these include vitamins A, D, E and K. Desi ghee acts as a source of these nutrients during fasts like Navratri. Vitamin A is necessary for maintaining good eyesight, Vitamin D for strong bones, Vitamin E for skin health and Vitamin K for blood clotting.

3. Keeps digestion healthy

Another benefit of consuming desi ghee during Navratri fasting is its positive effect on digestion. Fasting can sometimes restrict the digestive process and cause discomfort. Desi ghee plays a big role in promoting healthy digestion. It lubricates the digestive system. It can help prevent digestive problems like constipation.

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4. Keeps your stomach full

One of the challenges of fasting is that it is not easy to deal with the hunger pangs. Desi ghee proves to be an ally in this fight against hunger. It is satiating, which means it makes you feel full and satisfied for a long time. When you consume foods made from desi ghee, you are less likely to experience intense hunger.

5. Enhances taste

Desi ghee enhances the taste and aroma, making the fasting experience pleasant and satisfying for the devotees. Therefore, adopt the tradition of eating desi ghee. It will not only give energy to your body but will also enhance your experience.

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