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Why should not these 4 things be consumed with curd? Know that you will stop eating from today onwards

Curd Benefits: A bowl of curd with mango can spoil your health.

Curd is known for its creamy texture and health benefits. It contains calcium, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-2, magnesium and potassium. It is also easy to digest. However, it is important to know that curd should not be mixed with some foods, as it can have a bad effect on your health. Here we have prepared a list of some foods which should not be eaten with curd.

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1. Mango

A bowl of curd with mango can give pleasure, but it is important to be cautious. The combination of mango and curd can cause an imbalance of heat and cold in the body, possibly increasing the risk of skin problems.

If there is a burning sensation in the stomach and chest, then these 5 panacea remedies will expel the gas immediately, you will get immediate relief from indigestion and acidity.

2. Milk

Consumption of milk and curd together should be avoided. Mixing these two together can lead to unpleasant digestive experiences such as diarrhoea, acidity and gas.


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3. Fish

It is generally advised to avoid mixing two protein-rich sources together. It is best to combine a vegetarian protein source with an animal protein source, rather than a combination of two vegetarian sources or two non-vegetarian sources. Yogurt, being obtained from animal milk and fish, being a non-vegetarian protein source should not be consumed together.

This vegetable is beneficial for everything from good digestive system to diabetes and cancer, people are fussy about eating it.

4. Oily Foods

Combination of oily foods with curd can have a negative effect on digestion, leading to a sluggish feeling. This is the reason why consuming chola bhachar with a glass of lassi made from curd, often induces sleeplessness.

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