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Why did Russia threaten cargo ships going to Ukraine? Know – what is the reason for this

Russia warns cargo ships going to Ukraine

New Delhi:

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia has threatened a military attack on cargo ships that will be seen on the way to Ukraine. Russia says that it will believe that this cargo ship is carrying military equipment for Ukraine. Let us know why Russia has given such a threat.

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On Monday, Russia withdrew from the agreement reached between Russia and Ukraine regarding the export of grain through the Black Sea. Russia argues that grain was being exported to Ukraine under the Black Sea Grain Agreement, but we were not allowed to export grain and fertilizers. Russia has blamed America and Western countries for this.
Russia has alleged that Ukraine is using the Black Sea for military purposes. For this reason, Russia has threatened to target cargo ships. Earlier, a statement came from the US that Russia can target civilian ships and blame it on Ukraine. Actually, after Russia’s exit from the grain agreement, America, Western and UN have all taken a dig at Russia.

Let us tell you that after the Russian attack on Ukraine in February 2022, the Russian army cordoned off the ports of Ukraine. This stopped Ukraine’s grain exports through the Black Sea. Due to the getting stuck of about two crore tonnes of food grains, its price started increasing in the world. Due to this, grain crisis started to arise in those countries of Africa and Middle East which are dependent on imports from Ukraine.

In July last year, under the mediation of the United Nations and Turkey, an agreement was reached between Russia and Ukraine to export grain. After this, cargo ships started carrying grain from ports like Odessa and Kornomorsk in Ukraine via the Black Sea. After this agreement, Ukraine exported about 30 million tonnes of wheat. It is noteworthy that Ukraine is a major exporter of wheat, maize, millet and sunflower.

Russia’s argument behind breaking the agreement is that the western countries did not implement the help it was supposed to get under this agreement. This means that this agreement was implemented unilaterally. And as promised, Russia did not benefit from this. Russian President Putin has been complaining that Russia is not being allowed to export its food and fertilizers. Russia had earlier also threatened to break the agreement and came out of it in November but then remained in the agreement.

What does Russia want after all?

Russia wants its agricultural bank to be linked under the SWIFT system so that it can facilitate transactions with the banks of the world. Russia also wants to get maintenance parts for agricultural machines. Overall, he wants relief in the restrictions imposed on him. This did not happen so he has come out of the agreement.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky has talked about adopting an alternative route for grain exports, but it will not be that easy. Turkish President Ardoan has said that in the next meeting, the Russian President will again try to persuade Putin for this agreement.

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