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Why condominiums are taking the full brunt of the gas increase

FFaced with the increase in the price of gas, Jean Castex had deployed, on September 20, a temporary freeze on the regulated sales tariff (TRV) for gas and electricity, with the aim of preserving the wallets of the French . However, this measure has its share of forgotten: residents of condominiums and tenants of HLM who depend on collective heating, reveals The Parisian.

Indeed, since 2016, only individuals are eligible for regulated tariffs. The others (companies, buildings subject to collective contracts) must subscribe to market offers. There are currently nearly 4.9 million apartments with collective heating, or 18% of the housing stock, including 2 million HLMs, which are therefore not protected by the “tariff shield” touted by the Prime Minister. A double penalty for often modest households.

A situation also aggravated by the imprudence of certain donors. “Beyond largely imperfect government systems, some social landlords have shown great imprudence by resorting to contracts indexed to the markets, with sometimes unscrupulous suppliers, denounces François Carlier, the general delegate. Today, they are making the tenants pay the price for their amateurism, whom they are nevertheless supposed to protect, ”explains to our colleagues the consumer association CLCV (Consumption, housing and living environment) which has launched an audit on the subject. .

Engie alert

The Engie group, which manages with social landlords and condominiums, nearly 25% of collective heating in France, is also sounding the alarm. “For the 500,000 whose contract only includes the supply of gas, the average increase per household will be around 400 euros per year, for an annual bill that was around 1,000 euros”, says Engie at Parisian.

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