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“Who would have thought…” Celebration of FIFA World Cup defeat on the streets of Iran, this is the reason

FIFA World Cup: Celebration in Iran after the defeat of the football team

Iran Football Team on Wednesday fifa world cup (FIFA World Cup) America (US) Lost in the match with But in Iran, a unique celebration started after this defeat. This was completely opposite to the expected reaction of any country’s football team after its defeat. Videos of this celebration on the streets of Iran, which has been engulfed in protests for the past several months, are now going viral on social media. Iranians refuse to accept their football team, which they see as members of an oppressive government.

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Videos shared on Twitter showed Iranians dancing in the streets in joy. Pictures of burning tires had come from the streets of Iran during protests, now the latest pictures are completely different from them. But this dancing, singing and honking is also a part of the protest, because they are opposing the football team’s participation in the World Cup during the demonstrations.

More than 300 people have been killed in protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini in hijab police custody on 16 September. Children are also included in these.

In Sakez, the city of Mahsa Amini, and in many other cities in Iran, citizens expressed their happiness by setting off firecrackers. The London-based Iranian news agency wrote on Twitter, “As soon as the American scored the first goal against the Iranian football team, the people of Sakage started to celebrate and let off firecrackers.”

Journalist Saeed Zafarani tweeted after the Iranian team’s defeat, who thought I would jump 3 meters in celebration of an American goal! Podcaster Elahi Khosravi tweeted, “This is the result of playing in the midst of protests, he lost his people, he lost his opposition and the government.”

At the same time, protesting in its own way, Iran’s football team refused to sing the national anthem in its opening match against England on 22 November. While this protest was called courageous by some, many Iranians still maintain that the football team represents the government of Iran and not the people of Iran.

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