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WHO announces tsunami of COVID morbidity

More than 200 thousand cases of coronavirus were detected in France per day

The intersection of strains of coronavirus Delta and Omicron provoked a tsunami of morbidity, say the WHO.

Record rates for the incidence of coronavirus in recent days were caused by the intersection of two strains – Delta and Omicron, forming a tsunami. This was stated by the head of the WHO Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus, writes the BBC.

Now, most of the new cases of coronavirus are caused by Omicron – it is more infectious, but does not cause a severe form. At the same time, the circulation of the Delta strain continues.

In recent days, a record level of coronavirus incidence has been recorded in a number of countries.

“This all means an incredible burden on healthcare workers, and healthcare systems are on the brink of collapse,” Gebreyesus said.

Also, the head of WHO has once again criticized the use of a booster dose of the vaccine. In his opinion, this could have the opposite effect and make the pandemic more protracted in a global sense. By purchasing vaccines for the third dose, rich countries create a shortage of drugs for poor countries, where not the entire population has even received the first vaccine, Gebreisus explained.

Thus, the head of WHO believes, favorable conditions are created for further mutations and the spread of the virus.

The day before, 1.6 million COVID cases were detected in the world. The death rate from coronavirus per million of the world’s population has already reached 697.7.

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