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Which exercise is more beneficial, walking or running? Know everything from experts

Walking daily can help boost your immunity.

Walking Vs Running: It is very important to do regular exercise. From weight management to a healthy brain, exercising every day can provide many health benefits. Walking and running are two common aerobic activities that do not require any equipment. Some people prefer long walks while others prefer a vigorous run, but is running better than walking or is it the other way around? Well, this is a popular question. However, the answer depends on your fitness goals. If you are also confused then let us know the benefits of both.

Is walking or running more beneficial?

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In an Instagram post, nutritionist Namami Aggarwal has listed the differences between the two. Know here.

walk fast

  • This is an effective exercise that can increase your heart rate.
  • It can help boost your mental health and improve your mood.
  • This is great for beginners.
  • This is a low intensity workout.

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  • The burn metric is quite good.
  • It can help in strengthening your leg muscles.
  • You are more likely to get injured when you run vigorously.
  • This is a high intensity workout.

Which one to choose?

Walking and running both are excellent heart exercises. Namami wrote, “No one is “better” than the other. The best option for you depends entirely on your fitness and health goals.”

When should running be a priority?

If you’re trying to lose weight fast: Running helps you burn more calories in less time. Burning more calories means better weight loss. So if weight loss is your priority, then choose running.

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If you want to boost your health and weight loss isn’t the only goal: walking can provide many health benefits. It can improve your mental health, heart health and immune function. Walking can also help you lose weight but not immediately.

Both running and walking can do wonders for your overall health. Make a list of your health goals and choose wisely.

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