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Where to, young man? CDMX sanctions 371 units; route 57 the most affected

Two weeks ago they started the supervision operations of public transport units and so far 371 units have been sanctioned, of which 16 correspond to route 57.

Francisco Moreno, undersecretary of Traffic Control of the Ministry of Citizen Security, announced this Thursday at a press conference that So far, a total of 4 1,712 units of concession public transportof which 371 were sanctioned and 16 vehicles from route 57 were transferred to the corralón.

“More than the issue of fines, they are being given an opportunity and a deadline so that they can correct those deficiencies or observations made by Semovi staff, Invea staff. I even mentioned approximately 4,700 right now because the operations continue to this day and will be permanent, in conjunction with the Ministry of Mobility, with Invea and the Ministry of Citizen Security, ”said the undersecretary.

On the other hand, Moreno explained that route 57which runs through the area of ​​Las Águilas, in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office, has been the most sanctioned to date in the operations that have been carried out on the public transport concession.

These units were sanctioned for failing to comply with the provisions established by the Ministry of Mobility (Semovi).

For her part, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced that the operations to supervise concessioned vehicles will continue, with the aim of organizing public transport in the capital.

15 agreements to improve public transportation in CDMX

Marti BatresSecretary of the Government together with the Secretary of Mobility, Andrés Lajous, announced this on June 6, 15 points with which it is intended to improve the aspects related to the operators, the units and the public transport service of minibuses of Mexico City (CDMX).

With the following points, it is expected to improve transport in the short term:

  • that the drivers wear uniform (dark pants and white shirt).
  • Training for all drivers.
  • General compliance with the Traffic Regulations.
  • Avoid escorts.
  • Remove poor driving practices.
  • Regular license.
  • The establishment of chromatic units according to the regulations.
  • Total removal of tinted windows.
  • Basic maintenance measures to guarantee safety: lights, doors, handrails and brakes.
  • Insurance approved by the National Insurance and Bond Commission.
  • Avoid the accumulation of buses at the bases.
  • Respect the pre-established stops.
  • Avoid tortoise or speeding.
  • Eliminate sound equipment with high volume inside the units.
  • Establish a list of drivers associated with the unit.

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