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When will the talks between India and Pakistan take place? Journalist got this answer in Islamabad…

Pakistan has said that there is no right atmosphere for talks with India (symbolic picture)

Pakistan due to lack of proper “environment” for “meaningful, constructive dialogue”. India The possibility of any talks in the near future with is ruled out. Foreign Office spokesperson Asim Iftikhar made this remark in response to questions on relations with India during the weekly press conference on Thursday. from them Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif These questions were asked in the context of the stand of the new government of Pakistan led by PM Shehbaz Sharif and the appointment of a trade minister in New Delhi.


Iftikhar said that there is a national consensus on this issue and the previous governments have adopted the policy of peaceful settlement of disputes with India. “In diplomacy you never close the doors,” he said.

The Foreign Office spokesman said that despite Pakistan’s desire for a diplomatic solution to the disputes, “there is no environment for meaningful, constructive dialogue”.

Pakistan’s responsibility

India has repeatedly told Pakistan that it aspires to have normal neighborly relations with Pakistan in an environment free from terror, hostility and violence. India has said that it is the responsibility of Pakistan to create an environment free from terrorism and enmity.

More than two years later, Pakistan’s decision to appoint a trade minister to its High Commission in New Delhi has revived hopes of resumption of talks between the two countries.

However, the commerce ministry in a statement on Thursday ruled out any change in trade policy towards India.

After Shahbaz Sharif was elected the Prime Minister of Pakistan, there was an exchange of messages between him and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Soon after becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Sharif had raised the issue of abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir in his speech. He had expressed his desire for better relations with India but linked it to the Kashmir issue.

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