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…when the slogans of ‘Go Imran, Go’ were raised in the National Assembly of Pakistan, see VIDEO

Imran Khan, 69, is facing a lot of criticism for running the government.

new Delhi:

Pakistan’s opposition today called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to resign before the no-confidence motion. Along with this, after the postponement of the voting to be held on April 3, the opposition also staged a sit-in. After the announcement of the adjournment, slogans of ‘Go Imran Go’ were also heard in the Pakistan National Assembly.


Indeed, 69-year-old Imran Khan is facing a lot of criticism for running the government, which includes managing an economy beset by high inflation and rising deficit. Along with this, he also lost his majority in the assembly on Wednesday, as a key ally of his has broken his alliance with him.

Opposition leaders had demanded Imran Khan to resign even before he lost majority in the assembly, but his allies have said he will not resign.

Opposition parties have said that Imran Khan, who came to power on the slogan of fighting corruption, was found to be “hiding vital information” from Pakistan’s Election Commission in a foreign funding case. He has been accused by the opposition of taking money from other countries without informing the Election Commission of Pakistan as well as the State Bank of Pakistan.

Imran Khan has ordered all MPs of his party to remain absent from the assembly on polling day, to reduce any chances of dissidents secretly supporting the proposal to remove him. In the absence of MPs, all he had to do was ensure that the opposition did not get the 172 votes needed to pass the no-confidence motion.

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