Thursday, September 28, 2023
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When love forces you to the impossible

I don’t know if it’s impossible but it’s clear that Marc is playing one last bullet. The eight-time world champion has been fighting against himself for three seasons, against a shoulder that was difficult for him to heal and that is now almost useless so that Marc can go back to being the same as before, continue to be a champion. The rotation of his joint is now the main obstacle to being able to recover his driving, the sensations and his victories. It is clear that Marc is not worth being in the top ten, if that were the case he understands that nothing he does, what he risks, would make sense and more after having won eight World Cups and having broken all the records of precocity been and to be.

Three years of suffering, of pain, surely of many tears lived in silence and in private and with the focus permanently on what he does and what he does not do. Just a champion, yesOnly the love that Márquez feels for motorcycles and the competition can compensate for all this. Maybe it’s not love and it’s just ambition, but both are very similar in many things.

What is clear is that if the operation that Marc Márquez undergoes this Thursday at the Mayo Clinic in the USA does not go well, or as well as the team expects, the decision that Márquez will have to make will be whether it is worth continuing to run to win from time to time and always suffer. Also hoping that in some of the falls caused by going above his possibilities, the ghost of diplopia will come to visit him.

Everyone, or almost everyone, wants everything to go well, for Marc to recover his sincere smile, his aggressive riding that we have enjoyed so much and that we miss so much. And not only the fans but the entire paddock, because you have to be honest MotoGp has noticed the absence of Marc, he has lost an important incentive.

Marc Márquez was called to be Valentino’s replacement, not only because of his triumphs, but also because of his charisma. It perfectly covered this great void and now neither one nor the other is and there is not, and qForgive me Quartararo, no worthy candidate to succeed neither one nor the other. So things have to go well or well. Marc has to go back and do it like none of this ever happened.

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